Ophir® Wide Beam Imager SWIR: WB-I SWIR


The Ophir® Wide Beam Imager SWIR: WB-I SWIR is a compact, calibrated optical system for measuring the size and power distribution of large and divergent beams of VCSELs and LEDs in the SWIR range.

The WB-I SWIR profiler, when combined with Ophir BeamGage software and an InGaAs camera, is capable of imaging any beam shape (round, line, square, or doughnut) that is too large for a camera sensor. It features a 45mm diameter aperture and can accurately measure beams with an angle of incidence up to 70 degrees (compare with 15 degrees for standard beam profilers).

Additional Product Features Include:

  • SWIR (900-1700nm) Wavelengths
  • Attenuation by variable iris control (ND filters not needed)
  • Operates with Ophir InGaAs SP1203 camera (purchased separately)

For more information on this product, download the available datasheet.

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