Ophir Photonics News

  1. Ophir-Spiricon Announces BeamWatch® at LASER World Of Photonics 2015

    Ophir Photonics announces their latest version of Beamwatch as LASER World of Photonics 2015. Beamwatch is the only non-contact beam monitoring system for high-power YAG, fiber, and diode lasers used in industrial material processing applications. The new version is equipped with high magnification optics that can now measure beams with spot sizes as small as 55 µm.

  2. Ophir Photonics Announces High Power, Large Aperture Laser Measurement Sensors

    Ophir Photonics has announced the arrival of three new high power, large aperture laser sensors, and very high power scatter shield accessories. The L2000W-BB-120 Very High Power Water Cooled Thermal Sensors, L100(500) A-PF-120 High Peak Power Thermal Sensor, and 10K-W and 30K-W Scatter Shields are available now, while the 6000W-BB-200x200 will be available in two months.

  3. Ophir-Spiricon Receives Utah Innovation Award for BeamWatch

    The company Ophir –Spiricon has recently been honored with a 2015 Utah Innovation Award from the Utah Technology Council, recognizing that the company has procured significant innovations in the category of Mechanical Systems/Chemicals/Manufacturing category for Beamwatch®.

  4. Ophir Photonics Introduces High Power Fan Cooled Laser Sensors

    Ophir Photonics announces a new line of High Power Fan Cooled Laser Sensors that do not require water. Available in three different models, these sensors are designed to measure very high laser power levels up to 1100W with a highly efficient fan cooling that is able to handle these higher powers.