Metrology Solutions

  1. ZeGage™ 3D Optical Surface Profiler

    The ZeGage™ is a scanning white light interferometer that provides 3D optical surface profiling for the measurement of precision surfaces that require non-contact metrology. Unlike other optical surface profilers, this system maintains high resolution at all seven of its magnification options. It’s also not affected by the environment it operates in. You can take it out of the QA lab, place it directly beside your production equipment, and still get a 3D surface roughness measurement of precision machined surfaces with nanometer level precision.

  2. Verifire™ Laser Fizeau Interferometer

    The Verifire™ interferometer is a true common-path Fizeau configuration that ensures accurate metrology and “ripple-free” phase measurements in vibration-prone environments. It is well suited for providing accurate surface metrology in both production and quality control environments.

  3. DynaFiz™ Dynamic Laser Interferometer Interferometer

    The DynaFiz™ interferometer is a high performance laser interferometer designed to measure the surface form of optics in the presence of turbulent air, or in environments susceptible to extreme vibrations.  The system’s long life, high powered HeNe laser source enables reliable metrology at the camera’s maximum shutter speeds of cavities with low reflectivity.   This proprietary laser and optimized optical system in the DynaFiz system  allows the interferometer to “freeze” the vibration during acquisition so that dynamic metrology can be conducted in environments that are too violent for traditional temporal phase shifting.

  4. Nexview™ 3D Optical Surface Profiler

    The Nexview™ 3D optical profiler microscope stands out amongst competitive products by its ability to measure the topography of virtually any surface, irrespective of roughness, large steps and segments, thin films, steep slopes, with feature heights ranging from < 1 nm up to 20000 µm. It does all this in 3D, without contact, and provides the best qualities of other profiling technologies (stylus, confocal, focus scanning) without their limitations.