High Performance Optics For UAV Payloads And Drones

Source: MKS Ophir

Ophir Optics group develops and delivers a wide range of IR complex lens assemblies with fixed, motorized focus, and zoom lenses to support UAV MWIR and LWIR imaging. These optics are designed to optimize the specific size, weight and power (SWAP) constraints of the UAV payload platforms for military, security and emerging UAV applications.

These small form factor lenses are made to fit miniature gimbals. Additional features include high durability (HD) or low reflection hard carbon (LRHC) AR coatings, fast FOV change rate, an accurate thru-zoom bore sight, and a diffraction-limited optical design. These optics include folded optics technology when required.

For additional features and specifications on these lenses, download the brochure, or visit the webpage for more downloads.