Lasers Videos

  1. Mil-Rugged 0.9 MP SWIR Camera For Low-Light Applications

    In this video, Doug Malchow with Sensors Unlimited discusses the suite of cameras they had on display at Optics and Photonics 2014. He pays close attention to the GA1280JSX — a mil-rugged, high-resolution SWIR camera ideal for low-light level imaging, persistent surveillance, laser detection, and imaging through atmospheric obscurants.

  2. Full Line Of Polarizing Beamsplitters For High-Power Laser Applications

    At Optics and Photonics 2014, PG&O’s president Dan Bukaty, Jr. met with Photonics Online to discuss his company’s line of polarizing beamsplitters with extinction ratios of up to 1000:1 and a laser damage threshold up to 12 megajoules per cm/2.

  3. 12 Micron Camera Core And Silicon PIN Quadrant Detector For Sensing Applications

    Excelitas and Qioptiq have joined together to provide custom optics manufacturing and a wide array of sensor offerings for various applications.

  4. Taking On The Projects That No One Else Wants

    IRD Glass vice president of sales and marketing Todd Anderson gave us a brief overview of his company and their special capabilities in detailed machining, grinding, lapping, and polishing.

  5. Stable And Low Noise CW Laser Modules

    One of Modulight’s more popular displays at Photonics West this year involved their ML6000 series of laser modules. These lasers are ideal for applications involving illumination, microscopy, optical pumping, fluorescence, and more.

  6. Military Precision For Commercial Solutions

    In this video, Jim Hooker, from L-3 Applied Optics Center, gives us an overview of his company and their capabilities.

  7. A New Alternative To HeNe Lasers

    Bob Struthers with PD-LD introduces us to the SLM-632, an alternative to an HeNe (Helium Neon) laser.

  8. Vibrate, Shock, and Drop: Ruggedized Miniature Spectrometers

    Jason Pierce, director of business development for StellarNet, walks us through his company’s low cost spectrometer offerings. StellarNet offers many spectroscopy solutions for LED/Laser display characterization, UV and solar spectral analysis, thin-film thickness and optical metrology, NIR analysis, LIBS, and more.

  9. Rapid Prototyping Solutions And More

    Ron Travis with Canon gives us an overview of what they were displaying at the show, most notably their optical rotary and linear encoders, their laser Doppler velocity sensors, and their digital Galvano laser scanners for laser drilling, laser welding, laser etching, and rapid prototyping applications.

  10. New Compact SWIR Camera Provides High Quality Imaging In All Lighting Conditions

    Tara Martin introduces us to UTC Aerospace’s new SU640CSX SWIR camera. The camera is ideal for low-light level imaging, covert surveillance, multi-laser spotting and tracking, and imaging through atmospheric obscurants. Because of its small size, it can be easily integrated into UASs, handheld, and solider-mounted systems.