Lasers Videos

  1. Standing Out In Crowded SWIR And Thermography Markets

    Sierra Olympic’s Chris Johnston had some really interesting displays to share with us at Photonics West in 2016. The first involved a thermography camera with resolution you need to see to believe.

  2. Why Do I Need To Measure My Laser Beam?

    Dan Ford walked us through some of what was on display for laser beam profiling and analysis applications before sharing information on Ophir’s high-power laser application initiative over the last year.

  3. High Speed 5 Axis Micro Drilling Scanhead In 2016

    We were fortunate enough to meet with Taiki Iida at Canon to hear about two brand new releases.

  4. Low Cost, High Speed Imaging Solutions

    Xenics' message at Photonics West in 2016 is straight and to point — low cost, and high speed.

  5. Video: The Full Spectrum

    Ophir-Spiricon products have the ability to measure the output for every laser wavelength along the electromagnetic spectrum. This video provides a brief introduction of Ophir’s wide range of equipment used in different spectrum regions to measure and profile lasers.

  6. Gooch & Housego Introduces The New Fiber-QTM Fiber Coupled Modulators

    The new Fiber-QTM Fiber is a fiber coupled acousto-optic modulator (FCAOM) solution for fiber laser modulation and frequency shifting. These devices can directly control the timing, intensity, and temporal characteristics of the active output from a fiber laser, offering a wider variety of pulse shapes.

  7. Verifire™ HD Interferometer System Video Demonstration

    This video features the new Verifire™ HD Interferometer System with a high-speed 2k x 2k pixel CCD camera, and an optimized optical design to reliably measure surface features.

  8. Refractive Eye Surgery Using Fast Piezo Steering Mirrors

    This video demonstrates the use of the Piezo Drive in refractive eye surgery. These Piezo-based tilting mirrors direct the laser beam faster and more precisely than conventional scanners.

  9. Issues in Measuring Beams Coming Out of a Fiber

    There is often confusion when having to measure a beam coming out of fiber. The geometry of the situation is different, as the beam diverges when emerging from a small aperture. This video discusses the necessity of other parameters such as numerical aperture or fiber core diameter in measuring a diverging laser beam exiting a fiber.

  10. Focused Into Fiber, And New Laser Wavelengths

    Bob Struthers with PD-LD gave us a quick rundown of some of their usual products on display at DSS this year and also shared some exciting news in regards to the new laser wavelengths they now offer. He then turned it over to Tom Deberardine so we could get a closer look at PD-LD’s active fiber optic coupled component offerings.