Fused Fiber Optic Components: Housings, Connectors, And Patchcords

Source: G&H

G&H offers a variety of Housings, Connectors, And Patchcords, differentiated by housing type and pigtail. G&H can provide its components and modules terminated with a wide variety of connectors.

Connectors are usually fitted to components with sleeved pigtails but they can also be fitted to standard primary-coated pigtails. In this case the resultant assembly should be carefully handled to avoid fiber damage. Applications for such products include avionic and space communications, biomedical instrumentation, fiber laser systems, industrial micromachining, interferometry, LIDAR, medical diagnostics, optical coherence tomography (OCT), sensing, telecommunications. For additional information on the assortment of Housings, Connectors, And Patchcords, download the available datasheet.