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  1. IPG Photonics Set To Join S&P 500; ALLETE And LendingTree To Join S&P MidCap 400; New York Mortgage Trust, Global Net Lease And Finisar To Join S&P SmallCap 600

    S&P Dow Jones Indices will make the following changes to the S&P 500, S&P MidCap 400 and S&P SmallCap 600.

  2. Scientists Observe A New Quantum Particle With Properties Of Ball Lightning

    Scientists at Amherst College and Aalto University have created, for the first time a three-dimensional skyrmion in a quantum gas. The skyrmion was predicted theoretically over 40 years ago, but only now has it been observed experimentally.

  3. Dual Frequency Comb Generated On A Single Chip Using A Single Laser

    In a new paper published recently in Science Advances, researchers under the direction of Columbia Engineering Professors Michal Lipson and Alexander Gaeta (Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics) have miniaturized dual-frequency combs by putting two frequency comb generators on a single millimeter-sized chip.

  4. Mining Hardware Helps Scientists Gain Insight Into Silicon Nanoparticles

    Researchers from ITMO University and their international colleagues have developed the first three-dimensional dynamic model of an interaction between light and silicon nanoparticles. They used a supercomputer with graphic accelerators for the calculations.

  5. Russia Developing Plane-Mounted Lasers To Blast Satellites, US Confirms Deployment Of Vehicle-Mounted Anti-Drone Lasers

    Russian military engineers reportedly have completed an aircraft-based laser system capable of destroying enemy satellites out of space.

  6. New Speed Record For Trapped-Ion ‘Building Blocks’ Of Quantum Computers

    Researchers at Oxford University have set a new speed record for the ‘logic gates’ that form the building blocks of quantum computing – a technology that could transform the way we process information.

  7. A Gentle Approach Treating Microbial Keratitis

    Microbial infections of the cornea can have serious consequences, including blindness in the worst case. The treatment of keratitis, a condition caused by certain pathogens, always presents major challenges to ophthalmologists. These corneal infections frequently cannot be successfully treated with the therapies currently available.

  8. Oclaro Introduces Suite Of Integrated Optical Components For 400G And 600G Networks

    Oclaro, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCLR), a leading provider and innovator of optical communications solutions, today announced it is sampling a suite of integrated optical components that enable transmission solutions up to 600 Gbp/s per wavelength for long-haul, regional, metro and data center interconnect applications.

  9. New Optical Size Spectrometer For Probing Atmospheric Particulates

    The global environment is suffering from air pollution due to excess particulate matters, resulting in huge societal and economic costs. Air quality is usually characterized by the mass concentration of fine particulate matters with aerodynamic diameters smaller than 2.5 µm (PM2.5), which is mainly contributed by micron-sized particles, whereas the hazard induced by ultrafine particulates (with diameters smaller than hundreds of nanometers) remains seriously underestimated.

  10. NeoPhotonics Announces General Availability Of Its ClearLight™ CFP-DCO Coherent Transceiver

    NeoPhotonics Corporation (NYSE: NPTN), a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced hybrid photonic integrated circuit based modules and subsystems for bandwidth-intensive, high speed communications networks, today announced that its Coherent CFP-DCO module, part of its ClearLightTMCoherent Module platform, has reached general availability.