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  1. Novel Biomedical Imaging System Combining Optical, Ultrasound Technology

    Purdue University researchers are developing a novel biomedical imaging system that combines optical and ultrasound technology to improve diagnosis of life-threatening diseases.

  2. 100 Million Random Moves: New Lifetime Spec For Rotary Micro Stage With Integral Controller

    New Scale Technologies, Inc. has significantly increased the lifetime specification for its M3-RS-U Rotary Smart Stage, a precision rotary micro stage with embedded controller.

  3. Nano-Imaging Of Intersubband Transitions In Few-Layer 2D Materials

    A study in Nature Nanotechnology reports on the first observation of intersubband transitions in 2D materials via scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy. Semiconducting heterostructures have been key to the development of electronics and opto-electronics.

  4. The Birth And Death Of Proteins In A Single Cell

    A new method developed by EPFL bioengineers has disentangled the “see-saw” balance of protein synthesis and degradation in single cells.

  5. Handheld Imager Poised To Provide New Insights Into Eye And Brain Diseases

    Researchers have developed and demonstrated the first handheld ophthalmology instrument with resolution-boosting adaptive optics technology that can image individual photoreceptors in the eye. The new portable instrument will allow improved diagnosis of eye diseases and could enable early detection of brain-related diseases and trauma.

  6. A Novel Graphene Quantum Dot Structure Takes The Cake

    In a marriage of quantum science and solid-state physics, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have used magnetic fields to confine groups of electrons to a series of concentric rings within graphene, a single layer of tightly packed carbon atoms.

  7. Rice U. Lab Finds Evidence Of Matter-Matter Coupling

    After their recent pioneering experiments to couple light and matter to an extreme degree, Rice University scientists decided to look for a similar effect in matter alone. They didn’t expect to find it so soon.

  8. Multi-Purpose Silicon Chip Created For Quantum Information Processing

    An international team of researchers led by the University of Bristol have demonstrated that light can be used to implement a multi-functional quantum processor.

  9. Study Reveals How Enzyme Detects Ultraviolet Light Damage

    Damage to DNA is a constant threat to cellular life, and so it is constantly monitored and detected by a family of enzymes called RNA polymerases, resulting in subsequent repair to maintain genome integrity.

  10. Excited Atoms Throw Light On Anti-Hydrogen Research

    Swansea University scientists working at CERN have published a study detailing a breakthrough in antihydrogen research.