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  1. FEFU Scientists Created The Nanostructure Ultrafast Laser Printing Technology

    Scientists of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), in collaboration with Russian and foreign colleagues, have developed a technology of nanostructure ultrafast laser printing. The new method allows creating nanoscale structures on the surface of metals using a femtosecond laser with a frequency of one million pulses per second.

  2. Milestone For bERLinPro: Photocathodes With High Quantum Efficiency

    A team at the HZB has improved the manufacturing process of photocathodes and can now provide photocathodes with high quantum efficiency for bERLinPro.

  3. Focus: Twisted Light In A Photonic Chip

    Light waves capable of storing quantum information can propagate through a photonic chip waveguide and potentially be used for on-chip computation.

  4. Laser Components Announcing MIRTHE+ Membership

    LASER COMPONENTS USA, a specialized provider of laser and optoelectronic components in the US and Canada, is proud to announce an active membership with the MIRTHE+ Photonics Sensing Center.

  5. Connecting Infrared Research To Industry

    LASER COMPONENTS USA, a specialized provider of laser and optoelectronic components in the US and Canada, is pleased to announce the 6th International WORKshop on Infrared Technologies, a continuation of the alternating event in Germany and the US. Thanks to the support of MIRTHE+ Photonics Sensing Center, a leading organization focused on connecting research and industry, the event will take place at Princeton University, NJ, October 28 – 30, 2019.

  6. Mirrorcle Laser-Cuts Ribbon On Cleanroom Facility For Volume MEMS Mirror Production

    In a ribbon cutting ceremony Mirrorcle Technologies inaugurated its new cleanroom space at the company’s Richmond, CA headquarters. Reflecting the company’s core competency of reliable optical beam-steering, the ribbon was cut by one of company’s latest products – a laser beam Scan Module which features a powerful 1W, blue (450nm) laser that was developed for the emerging dynamic solid-state lighting (phosphor lighting) market.

  7. Molecularly Thin Hybrid Perovskite For Advanced Optoelectronic Applications

    NUS scientists have discovered that the light emission properties of molecularly thin two-dimensional (2-D) hybrid perovskite can be tuned in a highly reversible way for ultrathin optoelectronic applications.

  8. Form-Fitting, Nanoscale Sensors Now Make Sense

    What if a sensor sensing a thing could be part of the thing itself? Rice University engineers believe they have a two-dimensional solution to do just that.

  9. New X-Ray Imaging Approach Could Boost Nanoscale Resolution For Advanced Photon Source Upgrade

    A long-standing problem in optics holds that an improved resolution in imaging is offset by a loss in the depth of focus.

  10. Using Quantum Entanglement To Study Proteins

    For the first time, a University of Michigan chemist has used quantum entanglement to examine protein structures, a process that requires only a very small number of photons of light.