High Speed Cameras Products

  1. FALCON 1 Mega Pixel Scientific EMCCD Camera

    The FALCON EMCCD camera, model FA285-CL, features a 1kx1k EMCCD sensor that stands out with its extreme sensitivity, high resolution, high speed and excellent Quantum Efficiency. The camera is peltier cooled, uses a 16 bit A/D converter and offers a standard CameraLink output. The Falcon camera offers outstanding performance for low light applications, such as fluorescence imaging, astronomy, electrophoresis, X-ray and hyperspectral imaging.


    As with the higher specification FASTCAM SA1 and SA5 models in this series, the FASTCAM SA4 camera utilizes the same CMOS sensor with a 20µm pixel delivering an ISO light sensitivity of 10,000 (monochrome) and 4,000 (color), both measured to the published ISO 12232 Ssat standard.

  3. High Speed, Science-Grade Infrared Camera: FLIR SC6000 MWIR Series

    FLIR’s SC6000 Infrared Camera Series is the ideal solution for applications that require extreme sensitivity and high speeds. This versatile MWIR camera comes from sensor technology that was built to be mounted on jet fighter aircraft so it is extremely durable. The SC6000 series of infrared cameras offers high speed and high resolution with ease and flexibility in configuration for just about any scientific or research application and is also available with a built-in, user-configurable 4-position filter wheel, and multiple lens configurations.

  4. High Speed MWIR Megapixel Science-Grade Infrared Cameras: FLIR SC8000 HD Series

    FLIR's SC8000 HD Series is the most cost-effective, high-definition infrared camera on the market. It has a highly sensitive cooled InSb detector and delivers true high-definition MWIR imagery, superb resolution, and lightning-fast frame and data rates.

  5. Phantom® VEO Product Family

    The new Phantom® VEO family of cameras from Vision Research is made up of four high speed cameras designed to provide information on high speed events within scientific and industrial applications. The VEO710 and VEO410 models feature frame rates exceeding 7,000 fps, making these models ideal for traditional high-speed motion analysis. The four-megapixel VEO640 and VEO340 are optimized for scientific imaging applications where higher resolutions are important. All models are now available with 10 Gb Ethernet connectivity.

  6. High Speed Laser Scribing Line Scan Camera: VC4002L

    The VC2002L High Speed CMOS Line Scan Smart Camera can be used to control the laser scribing on thin-film solar cells. Thin silicon film coats a solar cell’s glass before being structured by a laser. The laser scribes conducting paths that run parallel and as close to each other as possible without touching. The camera acts as a monitoring system and checks P1, P2, and P3 scribes and with precision of 1 μm, controls the laser scribing. The sensor scans the laser line position at a 5 ms rate (thus providing 200 measurements per second.)

  7. Digital High-Speed Phantom v-Series Camera Family

    The Phantom v-Series of digital high-speed cameras are designed to eliminate blur, see the smallest of details, and keep moving targets in-frame as long as possible for the longest recording time for an event. 

  8. High Speed Low Light Imaging CCD Camera: SPOT Pursuit USB

    These high speed, low light imaging CCD cameras come in monochrome, color mosaic, and slider configurations. Each model features high sensitivity and fast frame rates, which helps greatly in preserving live cells and fading specimens for imaging and fluorescence applications.

  9. FASTCAM Mini WX50 And FASTCAM Mini WX100

    The FASTCAM Mini WX100 high-speed camera delivers exceptional high resolution imaging performance by providing 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution at 1,080fps (Mini WX50 750fps), 1920 x 1080 pixel full HD resolution at 2,000fps (Mini WX50 1,500fps) and frame rates up to 80,000fps (Mini WX50 67,500fps) at reduced image resolution. The system’s flexible Region of Interest (ROI) capability allows the user to choose an image aspect ratio appropriate for the subject being recorded.

  10. High Speed MWIR/LWIR Cameras: FLIR SC6000 Series

    FLIR’s SC6000 Series High Speed LWIR/MWIR Scientific Cameras combine high speed and high resolution with ease of use and flexibility for just about any scientific or research application. The MWIR SC6700 and SC6800 can capture highly sensitive infrared imagery at 565 frames per second at full 640 x 512 frame resolution. Offering more than just high speed imagery, FLIR’s cameras also offer on board calibration providing thermal and radiometric high speed data for quantitative analysis. This makes the FLIR SC6000 series the fastest radiometric infrared cameras available today, and perfect solutions for analysis of extreme dynamic thermal events.