High Speed Cameras Products

  1. 92 KHz SWIR Digital Line Scan Camera For High Speed SD-OCT Imaging: LDH2

    Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems LDH2 high speed camera features an increased line rate to over 91,900 lines per second, making it ideal for spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) imaging applications.


    In order to meet the requirements of the most demanding high-speed imaging applications a balance of high frame rate, image resolution, dynamic range and light sensitivity is required. The FASTCAM SA-X2 high-speed camera system has been designed to provide a careful balance of these requirements.

  3. Science-Grade MWIR InSb Infrared Camera: FLIR SC6700

    FLIR’s SC6700 is the ideal solution for scientific or research applications that require extreme sensitivity and high speeds. This versatile MWIR camera incorporates InSb detector operating in the 3 to 5 or 1 to 5 micron waveband. The SC6700 infrared camera features four active preset operating modes to provide adjustable integration times, embedded non-uniformity correction, and bad pixel replacement, as well as a built-in, user-configurable 4-position filter wheel, and multiple lens configurations.

  4. High Speed Laser Scribing Line Scan Camera: VC4002L

    The VC2002L High Speed CMOS Line Scan Smart Camera can be used to control the laser scribing on thin-film solar cells. Thin silicon film coats a solar cell’s glass before being structured by a laser. The laser scribes conducting paths that run parallel and as close to each other as possible without touching. The camera acts as a monitoring system and checks P1, P2, and P3 scribes and with precision of 1 μm, controls the laser scribing. The sensor scans the laser line position at a 5 ms rate (thus providing 200 measurements per second.)