World's Fastest 4Mpx Camera: Phantom v2640

Source: Vision Research, Inc.
World’s Fastest 4Mpx Camera: Phantom v2640

Vision Research offers the new Phantom v2640 as the world’s fastest 4Mpx camera, with exceptional throughput of 26 Gpx/sec, and 6,600 fps at full resolution of 2048 x 1952. The camera features high flexibility, high sensitivity with ISO monochrome of 16,000D and color at 3,200D, and can reach a 142 ns minimum exposure with the FAST option. With excellent image quality, a dynamic range of 64.1 dB, and noise of only 7.2e-, this camera is perfect for a variety of applications, including data acquisition, motion analysis, and more.

The Phantom v2640 is available in four modes: standard with CDS, HS for 34% throughput increase, Binning in Standard, and HS for increased throughput and sensitivity. Memory capacities are available up to 288 GB. The camera is available with 10 Gb Ethernet standard, and is Phantom CineMag® IV 1TB and 2TB compatible.

For additional features, specifications, and options for the Phantom v2640, download the available datasheet.