Editor’s Picks

  1. DuPont Microcircuit Materials Introduces New DuPont Solamet Photovoltaic Metallization Pastes For Local Back Surface Field Solar Cell Designs
    DuPont Microcircuit Materials (MCM) has introduced a new series of aluminum photovoltaic metallization pastes for rear side passivated crystalline silicon solar cell designs.
  2. Researchers Wait Over 100 Days To See Beam Of Light From First Confirmed Neutron Star Merger Emerge From Behind The Sun

    A research team led by astronomers at the University of Warwick had to wait over 100 days for the sight of the first of confirmed neutron star merger to re-emerge from behind the glare of the sun.

  3. Bookham To Enter Biomedical Illumination Market
    Bookham, Inc., a leading provider of optical components for industrial applications, is to enter the biomedical market with its ZoroLight LED multiplexing technology
  4. 3D IR Images Now In Full Color

    An iconic moment in the history of Hollywood movie magic was born in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz when Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale stepped out of the black and white world of Kansas into the rainbow colored world of Oz.

  5. NSF Awards $400K Grant To UCF For Photon Tunnel Development

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a University of Central Florida-led team $400,049 to develop photon tunnels, new devices for concentrating and controlling light. 

  6. New Technique To Accurately Detect The 'Handedness' Of Molecules In A Mixture

    Scientists have demonstrated for the first time the ability to rapidly, reliably and simultaneously identify the ‘handedness’ of different molecules in a mixture.

  7. Cobolt Jive 561nm: Now Up To 500 mW On The Single Frequency 05-01 Series Platform
    Cobolt AB, Swedish manufacturer of high performance DPSS lasers, announces the release of a higher power model of the Cobolt Jive 561 nm on the ground breaking single-frequency 05-01 Series platform.
  8. Northrop Grumman Chosen To Increase Efficiency For Next-Generation Military Laser Technology
    Northrop Grumman Corporation will leverage its recent high-energy solid-state laser successes to advance electric laser technology by substantially increasing the efficiency of these systems for military uses.
  9. Scientists Control Living Cells With Light
    University of Central Florida researchers have shown for the first time that light energy can gently guide and change the orientation of living cells within lab cultures. That ability to optically steer cells could be a major step in harnessing the healing power of stem cells and guiding them to areas of the body that need help.
  10. Seeing A Photon Without Absorbing It

    Light is of fundamental importance. It allows us to see the world around us and record pictures of our environment. It enables communication over long distances through optical fibers.