Editor’s Picks

  1. Metamaterial With Inherently Robust Sound Transport

    Researchers at the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York and at the City College of New York (CCNY) have developed a metamaterial that can transport sound in unusually robust ways along its edges and localize it at its corners.

  2. Gravitational Waves Could Shed Light On Dark Matter

    Black holes colliding, gravitational waves riding through space-time – and a huge instrument that allows scientists to investigate the fabric of the universe.

  3. Novel Hollow-Core Optical Fiber To Enable High-Power Military Sensors

    The intensity of light that propagates through glass optical fiber is fundamentally limited by the glass itself. A novel fiber design using a hollow, air-filled core removes this limitation and dramatically improves performance by forcing light to travel through channels of air, instead of the glass around it.

  4. PIXELTEQ Micro-Patterned Optical Filters For Multispectral Imaging

    PIXELTEQ micro-patterned optical coatings combine patented microlithography expertise with state-of-the-art coating technology. These micro-patterned filters help create compact and cost-effective optical devices for use in biomedical, security and defense, aerospace, precision agriculture and machine vision applications.

  5. SPIE Posts Merger Survey Results
    In the face of the proposed merger between SPIE and the Optical Society of America...
  6. Bio-Rad Laboratories to sell optoelectronic metrology business to Accent Semiconductor
    Bio-Rad Laboratories has signed an agreement to sell certain assets related to its semiconductor and optoelectronic metrology business to Accent Semiconductor Technologies...
  7. FARO Presents New Super Mobile Laser Scanner Kit
    FARO Technologies, Inc., a leader in portable computer-aided measurement arm and laser tracker sales, recently announced that it has developed a Super Mobile Laser Scanner Kit
  8. Molecular Snapshots Of Oxygen Formation In Photosynthesis

    Researchers from Umeå University have explored two different ways that allow unprecedented experimental insights into the reaction sequence leading to the formation of oxygen molecules in photosynthesis.

  9. Harvard Scientists Bend Nanowires Into 2-D And 3-D Structures
    Taking nanomaterials to a new level of structural complexity, scientists have determined how to introduce kinks into arrow-straight nanowires, transforming them into zigzagging two- and three-dimensional structures with correspondingly advanced functions.
  10. New LED Illumination Products Launched

    ProPhotonix Limited, a designer and manufacturer of LED illumination systems, laser diode modules and a laser diode distributor announces an expansion to its LED product line.