Electron Multiplying CCD Camera - iXonEM+ - Extracting The Absolute Best From EMCCD Technology

Source: Andor Technology PLC

In direct response to customer wishes, Andor Technology - the EMCCD pioneers - innovate again with the iXonEM+ Electron Multiplying CCD camera family, a dedicated, truly high-end, ultrasensitive scientific imaging camera platform, designed specifically to get the absolute best from EMCCD technology across all critical performance specifications and parameters.

Electron Multiplying CCD Camera - iXonEM 885
With single photon sensitivity, great resolution, high ‘virtual phase' QE, clean uniform backgrounds, stable baseline technology, exceptionally low darkcurrent, UltraVac™ hermetic vacuum and fast frame rates - all at an affordable price tag – the iXonEM 885 Electron Multiplying CCD camera deserves serious consideration as a worthy addition to your laboratory.

The megapixel sensor format and 8 x 8µm pixel size of the 885 presents an ideal combination of field of view and resolution, offering excellent Nyquist over-sampling for cell microscopy. When more light is available from the sample, the EMCCD gain can be completely switched off and the camera operated as a 'traditional' CCD camera. However if the camera is used in low-light conditions, the EMCCD gain can be applied to render it single photon sensitive, while maintaining a full resolution frame rate of 31 frames/sec.

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Flyer: iXonEM Family of EMCCDs
Tech Notes: Electron Multiplying Camera - iXon 885

Electron Multiplying CCD Camera – The back illuminated Andor iXonEM
Andor's vacuum-housed back-illuminated iXonEM Electron Multiplying CCD camera range is designed to ensure the absolute highest sensitivity from a quantitative scientific digital camera, particularly under dynamic measurement conditions (faster frame rates). Andor's vacuum-housing is critical to ensure complete protection of the back-illuminated sensor, such that it will not suffer QE performance degradation.

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Flyer: iXonEM Family of EMCCDs
Electron Multiplying Camera - iXon Back Illuminated Document