Spectroscopy Detection With The NewtonEM - EMCCD and CCD Cameras

Source: Andor Technology PLC

Spectroscopy Detection With The Newton<sup>EM</sup> - EMCCD and CCD Cameras
Both the Andor NewtonEM EMCCD and Newton conventional CCD detector systems have been optimized for high performance spectroscopy detection applications. All Newton spectroscopy detection systems employ low noise electronics, cooling to -100°C, up to 95% peak Quantum Efficiency (QE), multi-MHz readout, USB 2.0 connectivity and versatile readout modes.

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Flyer: NewtonEM EMCCD for Spectroscopy Detection

The NewtonEM employs Andor's pioneering electron multiplying CCD technology in an exclusive sensor format optimized for ultra-low light level spectroscopy detection applications. The combination of the Newton's low noise electronics, high QE, fast readout, and the on-chip amplication (electron multiplication) makes this detector unbeatable for the most demanding ultra-low light level spectroscopy applications, including single photon light level spectra. Dual output amplifiers also allow the detection system to operate in both the electron-multiplication mode and the conventional low noise readout modes, making the detector even more versatile for a wider variety of applications.

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Flyer: Newton CCD for Spectroscopy Detection

The Newton series of conventional CCD cameras for spectroscopy detection employ industry leading low noise CCD sensors such as the 2048 x 512 and the 1024 x 256 pixel formats optimized for spectroscopic imaging along with the standard features of ultra low noise electronics, deep cooling, high QE, multi-MHz readout, and USB 2.0 connectivity. The Newton CCD cameras for spectroscopy detection also provide dual output amplifiers for user selection of high sensitivity or high capacity operating modes.

High performance and extreme versatility make this the ideal CCD detector to use with Andor's line of Shamrock imaging spectrographs to form a very powerful spectroscopy measurement system for use in even the most demanding applications.