Gentec-EO is specialized in laser power measurement, energy measurement and beam analysis, as well as terahertz source measurement.

Our products are easy to use and well designed for your particular application and work environment, so that everyone can measure with the Gentec-EO accuracy.

Our large range of laser beam measurement solutions covers all type of customers from laboratories and research centers to hospitals and factories.

We have an outstanding 45-year track record of innovation, developing and providing state-of the-art technologies to the laser market. We work only with the highest calibration standards in the industry to ensure the best measurement accuracy possible.

Rely on Gentec-EO accuracy for your laser application.


  • Félicien Legrand of Gentec-EO talks laser beam measurements, including customized solutions, on Day Two of Photonics West 2023.

  • Charles Dumas, international sales director at Gentec-EO, demonstrates how to know if and when to clean a laser power detector absorber and how to do it.

  • In this video, Félicien Legrand, U.S./Canada sales manager at Gentec-EO, discusses damage thresholds and why understanding them is so important.

  • Average power measurement of a pulsed laser can be a really tricky thing. What is the minimum repetition rate to get stable and reliable measurements? Myriam Blanchet of Gentec-EO answers this question in this video.

  • Myriam Blanchet of Gentec-EO explains the difference between a thermopile and a photodetector. She then gives some tips to know which technology is best for specific laser power measurement needs.

  • Many elements such as the optical components and surrounding environment have an impact on the energy your laser beam delivers. The intrinsic noise of the pulsed laser is also an important factor since it has a large impact on pulse-to-pulse energy stability. In this webinar, you will learn how to measure laser energy accurately.

  • On day one of SPIE’s Defense + Commercial Sensing 2022 trade show, Fel Legrand from Gentec-EO introduces the company’s latest releases for laser power and energy measurement applications.

  • Félicien Legrand with Gentec-EO met with us on the second day of Photonics West 2022 to explain why your time is better spent developing improved laser processes when compared to the time invested in setting up laser beam diagnostic tools. He also gave us a brief introduction to the new Miro Altitude – a laser power display and energy device ideal for even the most demanding applications.

  • The second generation of the INTEGRA is a meterless line of all-in-one detectors that combine a detector and a meter in one device that lugs directly into your PC. Each detector of the INTEGRA series offers the same incredible performance as the usual detector and meter combination, from pW to kW and from fJ to J. For a brief introduction on this product, watch the video.

  • The BEAMAGE-4M is a beam profiling camera designed for accurate profile measurements of very small beams. The camera utilizes a USB 3.0 for the transfer rates up to 10X faster than regular USB 2.0 connections. Check out the video for a brief introduction.


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  • The National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is partnering with Gentec-EO for the integration of custom laser energy detectors for laser beam diagnostics, energy measurements, and calorimeters control solutions.

  • UVs span from 150 to 400 nanometers. This is a short wavelength for a laser, and that has a lot of advantages. UV lasers can also cut and mark with almost no thermal distortion. What’s more, they are compatible with a plethora of materials. All this combines to make them the go-to laser for sensitive high-precision applications.

  • Not all laser applications are as futuristic as Star Wars, but some of the applications involving high-power lasers get pretty close! From nuclear fusion to measuring the distance to the Moon, lasers have found all sorts of surprising uses.

  • Gentec-EO’s new IS power detectors combine the speed of photodetectors with the attenuation of integrating spheres. Combining these two technologies with Gentec-EO’s own recipe for a high damage-threshold absorber offers many advantages.

  • One of the most common uses for fiber optics is high-speed internet. However, fiber lasers can do so much more. In addition to transporting preexisting laser light, fiber lasers also generate it. Gentec-EO explains how fiber lasers work, the advantages of using them, and how to measure them with their product line.

  • Laser precision allows for better quality welds, faster throughput, reduced post-processing costs, and access to new domains of application. However, the hefty price tag can pose a challenge. Gentec-EO discusses the advantages of laser welding and how its measurement solutions can justify the cost of equipment. 

  • Gentec EO developed the first CO2 laser energy meter in the world in 1972. They may be nearing their 50th birthday, but COlasers are nowhere near retirement. This article takes a look at what CO2 lasers are, what they can do, and what applications they're best used in.