Newsletter | November 8, 2023

11.08.23 -- NIST's Superconducting Camera 400 Times More Powerful Than Any Other Device Of Its Type


NIST’s Superconducting Camera 400 Times More Powerful Than Any Other Device Of Its Type

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and their colleagues have built a superconducting camera containing 400,000 pixels — 400 times more than any other device of its type.


Designing Optical Filters For Earth Observation And Satcom

Space is the new technological frontier with constellations of satellites designed for earth observation and gathering data at unprecedented rates. These next-gen satellites need next-gen technology.

VIS And NIR Imaging In One Shot

Spectral imaging benefits from a well-calibrated instrument, an intuitive user interface, and pinpoint accuracy, all combined into one package.

In-Vivo Imaging In NIR-II / SWIR (600-1,700 nm)

Non-invasive fluorescence imaging of small animals has been used widely for years as a method in preclinical research. Techniques have developed in recent years but still face limitations.

The Seductive Call Of The “Megapixel Lens” (And Why You Should Ignore It)

In response to the popularity of megapixel cameras and sensors, many lens manufacturers are marketing "megapixel lenses." The problem? There's no such thing.

Vertical Linear Slide For Fast Nano-Focusing, Scanning Provides Nanometer Resolution

PI invented fast focusing stages with nanometer resolution more than 30 years ago. Its PIFOC® product family spans hundreds of standard and custom products, optimized for tasks including surface metrology in semiconductor applications, super-resolution microscopy, slide scanning, genome sequencing, and magnetic tweezers.


Optimal Laser Performance: What Parameters Should Be Measured?

When you purchase a new laser, it always comes with a long list of specifications. Some parameters might not be useful to you, but others might be important to your application.

3D Machine Vision: A Giant Leap For Factory Automation

3D machine vision systems “see,” analyze, and make decisions to meet production requirements of high accuracy, high speed, and low maintenance while withstanding factory conditions.

Ingenuity & Instrumentation: Creating A Novel 4D Microscopy Method

Researchers sought to explore the viral infection process before the virus has bonded to tissue, understanding how viruses navigate the epithelial space, through mucus and the periciliary layer.

Glossary Of Optics Industry Terms

Delve into the world of optics with ease using our extensive glossary of technical terms and their definitions, designed to help you navigate industry jargon with ease.


Jabil Invests In The Future Of AI With Intel Silicon Photonics Transceiver Deal

Laser Photonics To Showcase Its Line Of Maritime Laser Cleaning Solutions

U.S. Navy Funds Mercury To Develop Photonics Chiplet Manufacturing

JinkoSolar Sets Conversion-Efficiency Record

SainSmart Launches Genmitsu L8 Laser Machine

New Frequency Comb Can Identify Molecules In 20-Nanosecond Snapshots

SuperLight Photonics Spurs Innovation With The World’s First Portable Wideband Laser

Scientists Discover New System To Control The Chaotic Behavior Of Light

Optical-Fiber Based Single-Photon Light Source For Next-Gen Quantum Processing

Researchers Develop Hydrogen Bonding-Engineered Inorganic CsPbI3 Solar Cells


Achieving Precision Wavelength Control And Uniform Coatings

The innovative SIRRUS process also allows production of thin-film coatings in a fraction of the time compared to standard coating methods, which translates to lower costs for customers.


A Range Of Glass And Optical Capabilities

At Photonics West 2023, Lisa M. Tsufura introduces us to Abrisa’s optical and glass capabilities. Check out this video from the last day on the show floor to learn more about what Abrisa and HEF Photonics can provide.


Micro-SWIR Multi-Mode Tracking Camera: 640CSX MMT

The Multi-Mode Micro-SWIR 640CSX video camera is ideal for laboratory, factory, military, and other applications requiring SWIR imaging and detection/decoding of NIR/SWIR pulsed lasers.

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Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace

Color Temperature Adjustment Filters

Color temperature adjustment filters are versatile tools utilized in diverse lighting contexts to modify the spectral composition of light for purposes such as aesthetic enhancement or technical illumination.

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Abrisa Technologies

Patterned Thin-Film Optical Filters

DSI’s photolithography capability produces patterned thin-film coatings (including bandpass filters, absorption coatings, and metals) on substrates up to 6 inches.

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Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI)

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