Hydrogen Alpha (H-alpha) Emission Line Filters

Source: Alluxa, Inc.
PR - H-alpha Filter_

Alluxa's Hydrogen Alpha (H-alpha) Emission Line Filters have been specifically tailored to monitor H-alpha spectra in astronomy; they can also be used in any application where spectral line discrimination is critical, including spectroscopy, plasma monitoring, and fusion research.

The novel 5 Cavity H-alpha Filter sets a new standard for narrow filters with regard to squareness. It has a 50% BW of only 0.35 nm, a 1% BW of <0.6 nm, and a peak transmission of approximately 80% and is fully blocked to OD6 out of band.

Alluxa’s 2 Cavity H-alpha Filter features an even narrower design with a FWHM of 0.12 nm and peak transmission of greater than 90%.