Color Temperature Adjustment Filters

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Color Temperature Adjustment Filters are versatile tools utilized in diverse lighting contexts to modify the spectral composition of light for purposes such as aesthetic enhancement or technical illumination.

Thermally Resistant BOROFLOAT® 33 Color Temperature Orange (CTO) and Color Temperature Blue (CTB) adjustment filters are available in sizes from as small as 5mm up to 27 in. (685mm) diameter. 

The CTO and CTB color temperature adjustment filters are used to give lighting a warmer or cooler color hue as well as change one light source’s output to look like another by converting LED or Tungsten light output, so it looks like natural sunlight. Or the filters can be used to manage color temperature distribution of LEDs with a selection of adjustment filters to deliver a more consistent color temperature output without yield fall out and the need for LED “binning”.


  • Filters Provide Warmer or Cooler Color Hues
  • Color Temperature Orange (CTO) Filters
  • Color Temperature Blue (CTB) Filters
  • Standard on “White” Thermally Resilient BOROFLOAT® 33
  • Sizes up to 27 Inches (685 mm) in Diameter
  • Compact & Handheld Sizes as Small as 5mm
  • Plus/Minus Green, RGB, CMYK Filters also Available
  • Custom Color, Dichroic, Mired Shift Coatings Upon Request
  • Damage Resistant Substrates also Available
  • Diffusive & Patterned Glass