Optical Filters


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Optical Filter Wavefront Distortion: Out-Of-Band To In-Band Predictions
This paper explores predicting accurate in-band wavefront error of an optical filter using out-of-band measurements due to wavelength and angle variations.  Continue Reading..
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Surface Flatness And Wavefront Error
The concept of surface flatness and wavefront error in the context of optical components is explained, including how these properties are measured, defined, and how they impact optical performance.  Continue Reading..
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Optical Filter Specifications: Cone Half Angle (CHA)
Cone half angle (CHA) measures the degree of convergence or divergence in an incident beam, with a 0˚ CHA indicating collimated light and larger angles indicating more pronounced convergence or divergence.  Continue Reading..
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Color Temperature Adjustment Filters For Technical Or Aesthetic Illumination
Color Temperature Adjustment Filters modify light spectra for diverse applications like architecture, cinema, medical fields, and security, allowing precise control over color appearance.  Continue Reading..
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Optical Filter Spectral Features
Optical filters selectively transmit light in a particular range of wavelengths. The spectral features of optical filters are important for selecting the right filter for a particular application.  Continue Reading..
New Metrology Techniques For Advanced Thin Film Optical Filters
Measuring the spectral response of advanced thin film optical filters is challenging, but can be overcome with the right approach.   Continue Reading..
Flat Top, Ultra-Narrow Filters Using Plasma Deposited Hard Oxide Coatings
Alluxa’s new class of ultra-narrow filters are designed for applications such as laser cleanup, lidar, telecommunications, and instrumentation. They also offer the narrowest and “squarest” filter profiles in the visible and NIR, as well as transmission levels that approach 100%.  Continue Reading..


Color Temperature Adjustment Filters are versatile tools utilized in diverse lighting contexts to modify the spectral composition of light for purposes such as aesthetic enhancement or technical illumination.

DSI’s photolithography capability produces patterned thin film coatings (including bandpass filters, absorption coatings, and metals) on substrates up to 6 inches.

ZC&R, a division of Abrisa Technologies, has over 20 years of design and volume manufacturing experience for high-performance thin film coating solutions for Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible lighting and displays.

The NBP 450-40 blue narrow bandpass has a peak wavelength of 450 nm,  making it ideal for use with blue lasers and LEDs.

At Alluxa, we are continually striving to improve our products by researching and developing novel thin-film technologies. Therefore, we welcome any custom optical filter requests for non-standard spectral shapes, unusual coating materials, tunable filters, extreme blocking, or any other challenging technical specifications.

The ULTRA Series optical filters and coatings are specifically designed to be integrated into the most sophisticated instruments used in biotechnology, remote sensing, telecommunications, chemical engineering, robotics, and a variety of other fields.

Through a combination of precision wavelength control, ultra-steep edges, deep blocking, and the industry's highest transmission levels, Alluxa’s ULTRA Series of hard-coated, thin-film optical bandpass filters will optimize the performance of a variety of instruments.

Iridian Spectral Technologies offers lidar laser sensor systems with common laser wavelengths including 532 nm, 905 nm, 1064 nm, and 1550 nm. These filters provide more signal with less background and are ideal for laser sensor applications, including airborne laser scanning and other methods of capturing 3D data of large areas.