Optical Filters


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Protecting Liquid Crystal Displays From Sunlight Damage
Protecting LCDs from sunlight damage is crucial for outdoor applications, as UV and IR radiation can degrade organic components, leading to color shifts, image washout, and overheating.  Continue Reading..
IDEX - Avant
Maximize Fluorescence Performance With Avant Filter Sets
Learn how the Avant™ Filter Set Family maximizes fluorescence performance for short Stokes Shift fluorophores, offering improved signal-to-noise ratio and efficiency in biological microscopy.  Continue Reading..
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UV Raman Spectroscopy
The use of UV lasers in Raman Spectroscopy overcome traditional limitations and allow high signal-to-noise measurements. Advances in UV lasers and filters make this technique increasingly accessible.  Continue Reading..
What Optical Filters Should You Consider For Raman Spectroscopy Applications?
Discover the diverse world of Raman instrumentation, from powerful microscopes for precise lab analysis to compact field-ready probes. Explore their essential filters and optimal system layouts.  Continue Reading..
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High Performance Raman Spectroscopy
Discover the power of Raman spectroscopy for molecule detection and how edge filters block intense laser light, enhancing sensitivity and accuracy for precise Raman signal detection.  Continue Reading..
IDEX - Practical Flatness
What Is Practical Flatness?
Discover how flatness impacts optical wavefronts in super-resolution microscopy, and learn to calculate its practical implications for your system's performance and imaging quality.  Continue Reading..
Using Fura-2 to Track Ca2+
Discover the power of Fura-2 in calcium tracking. By leveraging its absorption spectrum, BrightLine® FURA2-C set offers unparalleled brightness, contrast, and precision for high-speed imaging.  Continue Reading..


Precision XY Saw Cutting offers high-volume, small-part fabrication with tight tolerances, ideal for optical components requiring precise dimensions and low defects.

Edge Blackening is the application of a matte black paint to the edges of an optical filter to prevent stray light inside the filter from re-entering the light path outside the filter.

Transform your optical systems with Semrock filters - the brightest, most durable, and spectrally sophisticated filters in the market.

The Nanopede family includes fifty-one versatile, cost-effective filters covering the near UV and visible spectrum in 20 nm FWHM steps for Flight 1 and Flight 2, and 30 nm FWHM for NIR.

Color Temperature Adjustment Filters are versatile tools utilized in diverse lighting contexts to modify the spectral composition of light for purposes such as aesthetic enhancement or technical illumination.

DSI’s photolithography capability produces patterned thin film coatings (including bandpass filters, absorption coatings, and metals) on substrates up to 6 inches.

ZC&R, a division of Abrisa Technologies, has over 20 years of design and volume manufacturing experience for high-performance thin film coating solutions for Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible lighting and displays.

The NBP 450-40 blue narrow bandpass has a peak wavelength of 450 nm,  making it ideal for use with blue lasers and LEDs.



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