Precision XY Saw Cutting Of Glass, Wafers And Filters

Abrisa - XY Sawing

Precision XY Saw Cutting offers high-volume, small-part fabrication with tight tolerances, ideal for optical components requiring precise dimensions and low defects.

Our camera-assisted array saw cutting excels in high-volume production of rectangular parts with stringent dimensional tolerances of 0.025mm and consistent perpendicularity. Ideal for small optical components requiring precise fit and hermetic sealing, our process ensures low cosmetic defects and near-perfect clear apertures for applications like imaging, sensing, and laser beam steering. With ground-finish edges perfect for epoxy bonding, we offer versatility to create steps, grooves, channels, or mini mounting flanges. Materials include glass, acrylic, and bonded structures, catering to thicknesses from 0.2mm to multi mm's.

Explore capabilities such as vinylized diced patties, precision linear grooves, and edge printing. Tailored for high-volume fabrication of filters, mirrors, and precision components, our services cater to diverse industries seeking top-tier quality and reliability.