Thermal Cameras Products

  1. Affordable, Camera Link®Thermal Camera: Viento 320

    The Viento 320 is a thermal camera with 320 x 240 x 17 µm pixel resolution. It utilizes an uncooled VOx microbolometer detector and has a response range of 8-14 µm. This camera is ideal for process monitoring, managing traffic signals, medical imaging, critical infrastructure analysis, military imaging, and perimeter security applications.

  2. Low Power And Compact MWIR Camera

    The Zafiro®640 Micro MWIR camera offers 640 x 480 MWIR pixel resolution, an advanced 12 µm pixel pitch design, low power operation that requires only 5 W at room temperature, 14-bit corrected digital video, and HgCdTe HDVIP® technology.    

  3. High Performance Infrared Cameras: HDR-IR Series

    This series of high performance infrared cameras can be used to resolve targets up to 2500oC. High dynamic ranges ensure high contrast and accuracy in the images captured and thermal sensitivity allows for the detection of temperature differences as small as 20 mK.

  4. Compact Thermal Cameras: Tamarisk Series

    Leonardo DRS’ Tamarisk® family is made up of a less than 2 cubic inch compact thermal cameras that weigh just over an ounce and provide 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 pixel resolution. They are ideal for applications in security and surveillance, unmanned sensors, UAVs, man-portable imaging devices, robotic ground vehicles, medical imaging, and other applications with size, weight, and power (SWaP) restrictions.

  5. MWIR OEM Camera Cores

    IRCameras’ line of MWIR OEM camera cores feature digital and analog outputs, low power consumption, and unmatched thermal sensitivity. The result is an infrared imaging solution well suited for fixed, mobile, and airborne applications in mission critical scenarios, or where size, weight, and power are key factors.

  6. Portable Thermal Research Camera: T600sc Series

    FLIR’s T600sc series is made up of battery powered, handheld thermal imaging cameras ideal for applications that involve thermographic studies and temperature measurements. These thermal cameras cover the -40°C to 2,000°C temperature range and employ 640 x 480 infrared uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) microbolometer detectors.

  7. Professional Thermal Cameras: FLIR T530 And FLIR T540

    The T530 and T540 are a part of FLIR’s T-series of compact infrared (IR) cameras for scientific and R&D applications. These models feature greater sensitivity, better accuracy, and a higher temperature range than other cameras in the series. With an improved ergonomic design, rapid-response user interface, and the exacting detail of FLIR’s unique Macro Mode, T500-Series cameras increase efficiency, reduce test times, and provide new insights into the target’s thermal behavior.

  8. Advanced Thermal Analysis: ResearchIR

    ResearchIR is a type of software for engineers in the R&D sector to use with their thermal imaging camera systems. It provides high speed recording and advanced thermal pattern analysis, making it particularly useful in industrial R&D applications.

  9. High Resolution Uncooled Thermal Camera: Gobi-640-CL

    This high-resolution, uncooled thermal camera features 640 x 480 pixel resolution and is ideal for applications involving accurate temperature measurement, NDT: lock-in thermography, real-time process control and monitoring, quality control/assurance, and semiconductor inspection.

  10. Benchtop Thermal Cameras: FLIR A35sc and FLIR A65sc

    The FLIR A35sc and A65sc Benchtop Test Kits are the perfect choice for engineering and science labs where size constraints are critical. Heat patterns and extract temperature values are easily detected from live or recorded imagery, and a variety of pixel resolutions are available as well as time vs. temperature plotting.