Full HD Thermal Camera: Vayu HD

Source: Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.
World’s First Full HD Thermal Camera: Vayu HD

Sierra-Olympic introduces the Vayu HD – the world’s first full high definition, uncooled, 1080p output thermal camera designed to deliver unmatched 1920 x 1200 image resolution, sensitivity, and detector quality for the most stunning thermal images from a stand-alone commercially designed camera.   

The Vayu HD includes a sensor with a custom-designed 24 mm F1.1 optic. The lens is athermalized, offers a 52° HFOV with minimal distortion, and has a hard-carbon coating for direct exposure to outdoor environments. It focuses via the locking thread mount, and supports the systems’ IP67 enclosure rating. Ideal applications include perimeter security and border protection, airborne reconnaissance, and government, and military force protection.

Additional Vayu HD features include:

  • 12 μm pixel pitch
  • HD-SDI, h.264, or 16-bit CameraLink video output
  • Integrated Image Enhancement Functions
  • 1-year warranty

For more information on the Vayu HD thermal camera, download the datasheet above.