Thermal Cameras News

  1. Comparing Benefits Of Thermal Imaging Cameras & IR Thermometers

    FLIR Systems has published a comparison of the benefits of using a thermal imaging camera versus an Infrared thermometer for non-contact measurement of temperature across a range of industrial and scientific R&D applications.

  2. Enhanced Thermal Image Clarity Speeds Problem Identification

    FLIR Systems has introduced Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) - a new patent pending technology for its T450SC / 650SC Series IR cameras to aid identification of thermal breakdown problems.

  3. High Definition Camera Reveals Faintest Of Thermal Anomalies

    Designed to provide ultra-sensitive and accurate measurements, ease of use and the most advanced connectivity in a compact, yet full featured thermal imaging camera - FLIR SC8400 /SC6500 systems are ideal for scientists and R&D professionals working on the most demanding applications.

  4. Thermal Imaging Aids Diagnosis Of Neurological Disorder

    Early results from the NeuroSIPE programme 'Beyond Pain' project, in research funded by the Dutch Technology Foundation STW, demonstrate how a FLIR SC5600 thermal imaging camera has been used as an effective, non-invasive tool for monitoring of pain processing in the central nervous system of patients suffering from small fiber neuropathy.

  5. Hypersonic Aerodynamic Design Benefits From Thermal Imaging

    An applications report from FLIR Systems details how the Aerospace Research Group at the University of Manchester (UK) are using a FLIR SC655 thermal imaging camera to test models and aircraft components subjected to hypersonic airflows.

  6. High-Performance Uncooled Thermal Imaging Cameras

    FLIR Systems has announced a comprehensive 30-page brochure that details its latest high performance uncooled thermal imaging cameras and systems purpose designed for Research and Development applications.

  7. Monitoring The Thermal Efficiency Of Development Projects

    The FLIR SC655 is a high-resolution uncooled thermal imaging camera designed to precisely monitor the thermal efficiency of your development project.

  8. Thermal Imaging Helps Improve Safety In Space

    An applications report is available from FLIR Systems that describes how its infrared camera systems were selected and have been used by NASA Langley Research Center for its shuttle and International Space Station programs.

  9. FLIR Systems Launches Affordable, Compact High-Resolution InGaAs Camera
    FLIR Systems announced the launch of its new SC2600 near infrared (NIR) camera for the research and science community. With its low noise and highly sensitive 640 × 512 InGaAs sensor, the SC2600 NIR camera complements FLIR's range of imaging products for automation, research, and science applications.
  10. HD Thermal Imaging Camera Range Launched By FLIR
    Drawing upon its extensive experience in scientific and R&D applications, FLIR Systems has announced a new paradigm in high-performance thermal imaging.