News | September 19, 2019

New HD Format Expands The ImageIR® Series

Source: Infratech Corp.

InfraTec Presents the Next High-end Infrared Camera for the Mid Infrared Range with the ImageIR® 9500.

A tremendous range of applications is typical for infrared thermography. The multitude of different tasks is synonymous with a high diversity of requirements that users have with modern infrared cameras. InfraTec meets this challenge with a completely new model of its high-end camera series ImageIR®. ImageIR® 9500 expands the company's range of thermography systems that are focused on the global market and are suitable for tests in the mid infrared range.

High-level geometrical resolution
The special feature of the ImageIR® 9500 is clearly its cooled FPA photon detector. This is based on highly sensitive mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) and has a 16:9 HD format with (1,280 x 720) IR pixels. Due to its high native geometrical resolution, smallest structures on large-scale objects can be analyzed in detail. The combination with a high-performance microscopic lens enables the display of structures of up to 1.5 μm in size. Users save valuable time by reducing the number of required single recordings while avoiding geometrical measurement errors.

Even more efficiency is achieved by using InfraTec´s unique MicroScan function. Thanks to this, the geometrical resolution can be increased to 3.7 Megapixels in full-frame. Images of this quality show the measurement objects in extremely high resolution.

Predestined for solving the most demanding measurement and testing tasks
Based on such values it is clear that the ImageIR® 9500 is ideally suited for international usage in scientific and research institutions. Other technical features of the camera underline this profile. This includes the thermal resolution of up to 0.025 K. It supports the reliable detection of very small temperature differences on measurement objects and creates the requirements for creating noise-free thermal images. IR frame rates up to 1.5 kHz in quarter-frame together with extremely short integration times of only a few microseconds provide users with the ability to analyze fast-running thermal processes.

Comparable to other infrared cameras of the ImageIR® series, this model is also extremely flexible to configure. The camera comes with latest detector linear cooler technology. Its modular design provides convenient retrofitting with components such as motorized focus, internal high-speed shutters as well as motorized filter respective aperture wheels. This means that users can easily solve their measurement tasks – no matter what field of application they are working in.

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Source: InfraTec Corp.