Photron Videos

  1. High Speed Camera Buyers Beware!

    Andrew Bridges with Photron introduces us to the FASTCAM SA-X2 high speed camera at SPIE DSS.

  2. High Speed Camera Imagery Turns Heads

    Andrew Bridges, director of sales and marketing for Photron USA, introduces us to two of his company’s cameras.

  3. Photron Highlights Military Applications Of Fastcam-SAX High-Speed Camera At SPIE DSS

    Andrew Bridges, director of sales and marketing at Photron, shows the new Fastcam-SAX high-speed camera and discusses its ability to record megapixel resolution of 1000 x 1000 at up to 12,500 fps. He also discusses its application in the military market, and other markets as well.

  4. Live From Photonics West 2012: New Ultra-High-Speed, High-Spatial-Resolution Camera System

    Andrew Bridges of Photron introduces their new ultra-high-speed, high-spatial-resolution camera system, the Fastcam IS-1M. The 312 x 260 pixel resolution ISIS (in-situ image storage) CCD sensor system can capture a wide range of ultra-high-speed events at up to 1 million frames per second.

  5. Video: MAST

    Capture of plasma within MAST fusion reactor. Operation in high magnetic field environment

  6. Video: Laser Welding

    Visualisation of melt pool produced by 1500W diode laser 808-940nm. 1.5mm spot size

  7. Video: Arc Welding
    High speed imaging of arc welding process. Images synchronised with current and voltage signal using Photron DAQ hardware
  8. Video: Golf Ball

    Impact test of golf ball

  9. Video: Diving

    Divers leaving blocks

  10. Video: Back Flip

    Visualisation of athlete performing back flip