Photron Highlights Military Applications Of Fastcam-SAX High-Speed Camera At SPIE DSS

Source: Photron, Inc.

Andrew Bridges, director of sales and marketing at Photron, shows the new Fastcam-SAX high-speed camera and discusses its ability to record megapixel resolution of 1000 x 1000 at up to 12,500 fps. He also discusses its application in the military market, and other markets as well.

Video Transcript

Andrew Bridges: Hello. My name is Andrew Bridges. I am the director of sales and marketing with Photron, one of the leading manufacturers of high-speed video cameras.

We are here at the Defense, Security, And Sensing show in Baltimore to launch one of our new cameras, the Fastcam-SAX. Photron manufactures a wide range of high-speed cameras ranging from 60 to over 1 million frames per second.

Our SAX camera here is able to record megapixel resolution 1K by 1K up to 12,500 frames per second. The system has onboard memory up to 64 gigabytes that we are able to download post-mission either by the SD card built into the rear of the camera or by the dual gigabit Ethernet ports that enable us to download 64 gigabytes of memory in under eight seconds.

The system is available with an F-mount, a C-mount, or a Canon EFES mount on the front. It is shipping now. At a reduced resolution, the system provides a maximum frame rate of over 300,000 frames per second with a shutter time of about 290 nanoseconds, making it ideal for many military applications, fluidics, and digital image correlation.

We are also showing our Fastcam IS-1M system which provides 1 million frames per second at full resolution, 312 x 260 using an ISIS CCD system. We offer a range of cameras from military camera heads providing 2,000 frames per second at full resolution to HD systems that provide 2,000 frames per second at 1920 x 1080 HD resolutions.

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