Live From Photonics West 2012: New Ultra-High-Speed, High-Spatial-Resolution Camera System

Source: Photron, Inc.
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Andrew Bridges of Photron introduces their new ultra-high-speed, high-spatial-resolution camera system, the Fastcam IS-1M. The 312 x 260 pixel resolution ISIS (in-situ image storage) CCD sensor system can capture a wide range of ultra-high-speed events at up to 1 million frames per second.

Video Transcript

Andrew Bridges: Hello there. My name is Andrew Bridges. I am the director of sales and marketing for Photron USA. Photron is a Japanese manufacturer of high-speed video cameras with products ranging from sixty to one and half million frames per second. We have satellite offices in San Diego, where I work, and also in England with our headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Our Fast Cam IS-1M is a one-million full resolution frame per second camera. Full resolution is 312 x 260 pixels. We can operate up to one million frames per second or reduced resolution due to the ICCCD, which enables us to transfer data from the sensor at a very high transfer rate. We’re able to record one hundred frames of full-resolution data such as you can see on the top screen, ideal for crack propagation, blast dynamics and any other applications too fast for our conventional high-speed video products to catch up.

Our Fast Camera SAx is a megapixel resolution camera, 1024 x 1024 up to 12 and a half thousand frames per second. Like our other SA products, our standalone product such as the SA5, it has reduced capability with the SA5 going up to one and a half million frames per second at reduced resolution.

We also have a wide range of different recording capabilities, ranging from eight to sixty-four gigabytes of onboard storage and then dual gigabit ethernet port as well as HD SDI ports to offload the data as quickly as possible for analysis and later viewing in any image format such as AVI, MOV, JPEG, TIF, BMP and the rest of the industrial image formats commonly used in our industry.

Twelve bit dynamic range as well as twenty pixel… twenty micron pixel to make sure the light sensitivity is unsurpassed by anything else available in our industry today, the Photron Fast Cam SAx, buy them here.