Opto Diode Products

  1. ODD-1: Photodetector
    Opto Diode offers U.S. manufactured PIN photodiodes, specifically designed to provide high-quality, high-reliability performance at prices previously only available with lower end off-shore product...
  2. High Output Visible LEDs
    High Output Visible LEDs feature wide or narrow light patterns...
  3. IR LED Chips
    IR LED Chips feature high-reliability LPE GaA1As structure, gold alloy contacts, open center of emission availability, and up to 200mA continuous current
  4. High Power 880nm IR LED's
    High Power 880nm IR LED's from Opto Diode feature up to 100 mW DC from a single chip and up to 500 mW DC from arrays which is ideal for surveillance or night vision applications
  5. GaAlAs 880nm Detectors
    GaAlAs 880nm Detectors feature monochromatic detection at 880 nm, excellent ambient light suppression, and no optical filters for low cost solutions...
  6. TO-46 Package 880nm IR LEDs
    TO-46 Package 880nm IR LED feature wide or narrow light patterns, up to –65 to 150 C temperature range, high Speed LEDs, and metal case for good heat dissipation
  7. Silicon Photodiodes
    Silicon Photodiodes feature low dark current, low capacitance, and response from 400-1100 nm...