Ophir Photonics Featured Articles

  1. How To Make Laser Welding And Cutting Affordable And Sustainable

    This article discusses the consequences of poor measurements in more detail, and presents a measurement solution that can help make applications like laser welding and cutting affordable and sustainable.

  2. Laser Beam Diagnostics In GHz Applications

    It usually is insufficient to rely on one standard measurement technology when working with applications in exotic optical wavelengths and unusually low average powers. This white paper goes through an example of calculating many laser beam diagnostics within high GHz applications.

  3. What To Expect In A Laser Profiling Demonstration

    When asking someone for a laser beam profiling demonstration, it is important to understand what you are asking for and what you should expect. This white paper covers the steps needed to take to set up a demonstration, and what is expected of each party.

  4. Working In The Basement: Measuring Signals Below The Noise Floor With A Lock-In Amplifier

    This article presents the advantages of using lock-in amplifiers for measuring signals below the noise floor, how they work, and available devices from Ophir.

  5. Sensor Fusion Enables Comprehensive Analysis Of Laser Processing In Additive Manufacturing

    This white paper discusses sensor fusion, a process that merges data from numerous sensors to create a more complete understanding of the laser-enabled process.

  6. Testing High-Volume LED Luminaire Builds

    The lower operating costs of LED luminaires drive growing demand for them in consumer and commercial markets. This increased demand requires an adaptation to improved quality testing methods that can provide superior measurements and not slow down the process of production. 

  7. Assuring Correct Metallurgy In Direct Laser Melting

    This application note presents how Ophir Optics’ BeamCheck system is able to measure critical laser beam parameters for laser-based additive manufacturing.

  8. Laser Engraving Resolution Chart

    This article reports the measurement results acquired when a metal sheet was scanned with a resolution chart engraved on its surface.

  9. Intro To Laser Management: Laser Profiling 101

    Traditionally, laser operators only verify a laser’s average power or energy to improve efficiency and, if everything is in order, put their laser back into service. This article discusses steps required to identify and use a camera profiling system (arrayed camera, attenuator, and beam dump) for laser management.

  10. Reducing Production Waste With Laser Profiling And Characterization

    A critical component in a laser manufacturing process is the understanding of which process parameters or key control characteristics must be measured and how they will relate to product quality and waste. A laser profiling system can be a great benefit for characterizing and identifying which variables affect product quality and waste minimization. Unfortunately, many companies realize this too late and incur more expenses and extended downtime than necessary when trying to implement the system near the end of the process. This article dives into a method of using in-house tools, like laser profiling, to characterize and optimize a process in advance so that product quality and process variability may be understood and maintained.