Ophir Photonics Featured Articles

  1. Understanding Beam Profiling Dynamic Range

    It all started when a slow-witted engineer was teased one too many times. Tired of being the butt of all his colleagues’ jokes, he plotted revenge. By Ephraim Shafner, Ophir Photonics

  2. Tutorial: The Difficulties Of Beam Profiling 193nm DUV

    A research organization was developing a critical procedure that required a pulsed DUV laser beam at 193nm. By Dick Rieley, Mid-Altantic Regional Sales Manager, Ophir Photonics Group

  3. M2 Beam Propagation – Why So Many Different Approaches To Measurement Instrumentation?

    Measuring the propagation parameters of a laser beam is an important method of understanding the quality of the laser beam and predicting its performance for various laser applications. By Allen Cary, Director of Marketing, Ophir-Spiricon