Mirrors Products

  1. Front Surface Mirrors

    Abrisa Technologies provides front surface mirrors or first surface mirrors for a broad scope of optics applications. Front surface mirrors have over-coated dielectric layers that are vacuum deposited on the surface of a clear glass substrate to increase reflectivity and protect against humidity and abrasion. The sharper image created by a front surface mirror lacks the ghosting effect of a conventional mirror.

  2. Precision Hot Mirrors for Heat Control
    Heat control filters are a type of dichroic filter that is used to remove unwanted energy (heat) emitted from a light source. Abrisa Technologies, ZC&R Coatings for Optics division provides precision hot mirrors for medical, aerospace * defense, entertainment, life sciences, digital photography, and a host of other industrial applications.
  3. IR Blocking Hot Mirror for Outdoor LCD Displays
    Abrisa Technologies introduces an Infrared (IR) Blocking Hot Mirror to protect liquid crystal displays (LCDs) from solar heat and radiation. The new infrared band filters minimize the amount of harmful solar radiation and reduces the temperature in outdoor-use LCD applications.
  4. HeatBuster® High Power Density Cold Mirrors
    DSI announces an innovation in high temperature and high density performance in their HeatBuster Cold Mirror product line. This new breakthrough in cold mirror coating technology withstands light levels above 200W per square centimeter and extreme temperatures above 400°C
  5. Series MM: Molybdenum Mirrors
    Manufactured from pure vacuum ARC cast low carbon molybdenum (Mo), these uncoated mirrors are extremely durable and typically used in physically demanding environments
  6. CO 2 Laser Turning Mirrors
    A line of CO2 laser mirrors made from silicon in smaller sizes and offered...
  7. Mirrors
    Argyle International, Inc. manufactures many types of mirrors.
  8. Broadband Ultraviolet Mirrors
    A new line of broadband ultraviolet mirrors has been introduced. These mirrors utilize an innovative new dielectric coating...
  9. Mounted Mirrors
    A complete line of laser and vision quality mirrors designed to specific wavelengths and apertures for single and multi-axis scanning is being offered by General Scanning, Inc.
  10. Aspheric Lenses and Broadband Mirrors
    A kit of six aspheric lenses includes components ranging from 4.0 to 9.9 mm in diameter