Hot Products

  1. Three-Axis Compact Nanopositioners: Nano 3D Series

    The Nano-3D200 and Nano-3D500 are compact nanopositioners used for optical fiber alignment and hybrid positioning systems. Both models feature a compact size, three-axis motion, closed loop control, and true flexure guided motion.

  2. SPM-M Kit For Scanning Probe Microscopy

    Scanning probe microscopy is an imaging technique typically used for industrial wear testing, semiconductor manufacturing, or academic research applications. While it can yield high-resolution imagery, SPM systems can be rather expensive and take skill to build. Mad City Labs' SPM-M kit has been designed to allow operators to build a tuning fork, Akiyama probe, AFM (atomic force microscope), or a scanning resonant probe microscope to capture high resolution imagery in both commercial and R&D applications.

  3. High Precision Nanopositioning Systems: Nano-MET Series

    The Nano-MET series of nanopositioning systems have been designed to provide picometer positioning resolution for metrology, AFM, and SPM applications. Three models are available in the series with variations in configuration, size, noise floor, response time, and more.

  4. Nanopositioner Focusing Elements: Nano-F Series

    The Nano-F Series by Mad City Labs are nanopositioner focusing elements for applications involving confocal imaging, auto focusing, STORM imaging, and PALM imaging. They offer 100 or 200 microns of travel and are operable as standalone focusing elements or with other Mad City Labs’ nanopositioning stages.

  5. High Precision Positioning: MMP Series

    Mad City Labs’ MMP series of positioners have a 25mm range of motion and are available in 1, 2, or 3-axis configurations. They feature optical encoders with 50nm resolution, proprietary intelligent control for stability, nanopositioner compatibility, and high native precision and accuracy.