XYZ Piezo Nanopositioning System: Nano-LPQ Series


The Nano-LPQ Series offers ultra-low profile 3-axis nanopositioning systems designed for high speed microscopy applications. The Nano-LPQ is designed with an integrated slide holder and incorporates proprietary PicoQ sensors which yield low noise performance under closed loop control.

The Nano-LPQ nanopositioning system includes our high power Nano-Drive®85 electronic controller to optimize the speed performance.The system is capable of 75 microns of traveling XY axis and 50 microns in Z axis. Designed to minimize the moving mass, lightweight sample holders are integrated into the stage and represent the only moving component. This unusual design allows the three axes of motion to have high resonant frequencies and matched step response times. It is ideal for particle tracking and advanced microscopy applications.

For additional information on the Nan-LPQ series, download the datasheet.