SPM-M Kit For Scanning Probe Microscopy


The SPM-M kit is a do-it-yourself atomic force microscope (AFM). The SPM-M kit produces a high performance, resonant probe AFM suitable for both research and teaching environments. It includes the MadPLL® controller, 3 axes of closed loop nanopositioning, resonant probes and AFMView™2 software. A wide range of AFM accessories are also available.

The SPM-M kit is comprised of the following:

  • MadPLL® Instrument Package
    • digital phase lock loop (PLL) controller
    • probe mounting boards
    • five quartz tuning forks
  • Nano-SPM200 nanopositioning stage (XY)
  • Nano-OP30 nanopositioning stage (Z)
  • 3 axis closed loop Nano-Drive® controller
  • Z axis open loop/close loop switch (OCL option)
  • AFMView™ Software
  • AFMView™ Tutorial
  • Adapter plate between probe mount board and Nano-OP30

Watch the video below to see how simple it can be to assemble an atomic force microscope using the SPM-M kit, an Akiyama probe, manual coarse positioners, and a few pieces of additional hardware. To learn more about the MadPLL instrument, download the datasheet.

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