Current Headlines

  1. The Unbelievable Speed Of Electron Emission From An Atom

    In a unique experiment, researchers have clocked how long it takes for an electron to be emitted from an atom.

  2. Mirror Image: Researchers Create Higher-Quality Pictures Of Biospecimens

    Researchers from the National Institutes of Health and the University of Chicago improved the speed, resolution, and light efficiency of an optical microscope by switching from a conventional glass coverslip to a reflective, mirrored coverslip and applying new computer algorithms to process the resulting data.

  3. A Question Of Location

    Carbon nanoparticles, known as C-dots, have unusual optical properties that make them highly interesting for a range of technological applications, from solar energy conversion to medical imaging.

  4. BGU Researchers Crack The Code Of Invisibility

    BGU researchers have made a breakthrough in manipulating light to render an object, such as an optical chip, invisible.

  5. Quantum Computing With Molecules For A Quicker Search Of Unsorted Databases

    Scrapbooks or social networks are collections of mostly unsorted data. The search for single elements in very large data volumes, i.e. for the needle in the data haystack, is extremely complex for classical computers.

  6. LEAPS – Light For Research

    A new strategic alliance between European accelerator-based 'super-microscopes' has been forged in Brussels on Monday.

  7. A Simple Soak For A Solar Tune-Up

    The performance of solar cells that consist of semiconductor nanoparticles surrounded by ligand molecules is now easier to control. Researchers from KAUST have developed a method that enhances the ability of these colloidal quantum dot (CQD) solar cells to convert the sun’s energy into electricity by altering the surface chemistry of their functional layers in a noninvasive way.

  8. VTT Develops Disposable Optical Test Substrate For Detecting Harmful Microbes

    Harmful microbes and toxic micromolecules in food and drinking water can cause serious health problems around the world. For her PhD thesis, VTT researcher Sanna Uusitalo has developed a disposable optical test substrate for use in microbial detection.

  9. Hyper Scale Transceiver Maker, ColorChip, Demonstrates World's First 200G FR4 QSFP56 Transceiver Using Uncooled DML's

    ColorChip today announced the demonstration of the world's first 200G 4x50G FR4 2km transceiver featuring uncooled CWDM4 DML's driving 50G PAM4 modulation and packaged in a compact QSFP56 form factor.

  10. Industry Leaders Meet For 30th Annual Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar

    The Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar has announced the full agenda for 2018. The event will take place Monday, January 29, 2018 at the Marriott Marquis, in San Francisco, CA.Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the event is strategically scheduled the Monday between SPIE BiOS and SPIE Photonics West.