Current Headlines

  1. Scientists Discover First High-Temperature Single-Molecule Magnet

    A team of scientists led by Professor Richard Layfield at the University of Sussex has published breakthrough research in molecule-based magnetic information storage materials.

  2. Scientists Develop New Quantum Circuit

    Quantum computers promise to revolutionize the future of computing. A scientist from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) together with his colleagues from the University of Waterloo and from IBM have now demonstrated for the first time that quantum computers do indeed offer advantages over conventional computers.

  3. A New Way To Measure Nearly Nothing

    Many semiconductor fabricators and research labs are under increasing pressure from, of all things, vacuum. These facilities need to remove greater amounts of gas molecules and particles from their setups as new technologies and processes demand lower and lower pressures.

  4. Data Storage Of The Future - Extremely Small Magnetic Nanostructures With Stealth Caps Observed

    Novel concepts of magnetic data storage aim to send very small magnetic bits back and forth in a memory chip, store them tightly packed and read them out later. The magnetic stray field previously prevented the production of very small bits.

  5. Researchers Study Interactions In Molecules Using AI

    Researchers from the University of Luxembourg, Technische Universität Berlin, and the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society have combined machine learning and quantum mechanics to predict the dynamics and atomic interactions in molecules. The new approach allows for a degree of precision and efficiency that has never been achieved before.

  6. Nanodiamonds As Photocatalysts

    Diamond nanomaterials are considered hot candidates for low-cost photocatalysts. They can be activated by light and can then accelerate certain reactions between water and CO2 and produce carbon-neutral "solar fuels".

  7. NiPro Optics Provides Advanced Diamond-Turned Optics for Industrial Applications

    NiPro Optics, Inc. announces the expansion and upgrade of its Optical Diamond-Turning Center.  Located in Southern California, the company offers a full spectrum of precision manufacturing options, including advanced diamond-turned optics for a variety of industries. NiPro provides complex geometries to nanometer tolerances in a wide range of materials and substrates, depending on customer requirements.

  8. Zygo Launches Latest Generation Of ZeGage Non-Contact 3D Optical Profilers

    Zygo Corporation has announced the introduction of its latest generation of ZeGage™ 3D optical profiling instruments providing precise and rapid non-contact measurement of surface topography for enhanced quality and process control.

  9. New Imaging Tool Captures How Sound Moves Through The Chinchilla Ear

    Researchers have developed a new device that can be used to visualize how sound-induced vibrations travel through the ear. The technology is providing new insight into how the ear receives and processes sound waves and, with additional development, might one day be used by physicians to diagnose diseases that affect hearing.

  10. Bursting The Clouds For Better Communication

    We live in an age of long-range information, transmitted either by underground optical fibre or by radio frequency from satellites.