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  1. Introducing The ‘Smart Mirror’

    Lasers play roles in many manufacturing processes, from welding car parts to crafting engine components with 3D printers.* To control these tasks, manufacturers must ensure that their lasers fire at the correct power. 

  2. Compact Fiber Laser May Enable Wearable Tech And Better Endoscopes

    By creating a new twist on fiber optic sensors, researchers in China have developed a smart, flexible photoacoustic imaging technique that may have potential applications in wearable devices, instrumentation and medical diagnostics.

  3. Chassis Plans Shipping Double Side-By-Side 24-Inch Rugged Displays

    Chassis Plans known for its combat proven technology, is now shipping their industry leading twin BFX displays.

  4. Opto Diode Announces 5 mm2 Circular Photodiodes For Radiation Detection

    Opto Diode Corporation, an ITW company, introduces AXUV20A Circular Photodetectors for radiation, electron, and photon response in the ultraviolet (UV), extreme ultraviolet (EUV), through visible and near- infrared (IR) wavelength ranges. The circular device, with an active area of 5.5 mm diameter, features sensitivity to low energy electrons.

  5. 'Optical Rocket' Created With Intense Laser Light

    In a recent experiment at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, plasma electrons in the paths of intense laser light pulses were almost instantly accelerated close to the speed of light.

  6. Graphene Helps Protect Photocathodes For Physics Experiments

    Transforming light into electricity is no mean feat. Some devices, like solar cells, use a closed circuit to generate an electric current from incoming light. But another class of materials, called photocathodes, generate large quantities of free electrons that can be used for state-of-the-art science.

  7. The Dawn Of Quantum Metamaterials

    Two teams of scientists from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have collaborated to conduct groundbreaking research leading to the development of a new and innovative scientific field: Quantum Metamaterials. The findings are presented in a new joint paper published by the prestigious journal Science.

  8. Tiny Camera Lens May Help Link Quantum Computers To Network

    An international team of researchers led by ANU has invented a tiny camera lens, which may lead to a device that links quantum computers to an optical fibre network.

  9. Near-Infrared Laser Systems For Monitoring Forest Dynamics From Space Pass Final Tests

    All systems are go for launch in November of NASA’s Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) mission, which will use high-resolution laser ranging to study Earth’s forests and topography from the International Space Station (ISS).

  10. Plasma Measurement Guarantees Reproducible Coating Properties

    At the 16th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering (PSE) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, LASER COMPONENTS will present the results of the PluTO+ joint research project for the first time. Under the auspices of the Association of German Engineers (VDI), the Ruhr University of Bochum and the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology (INP), together with the developers at the Olching-based company, spent four years researching new methods for improving plasma-based coating processes.