Latest Headlines

  1. Sound Waves Reveal Diamond Cache Deep In Earth’s Interior

    There may be more than a quadrillion tons of diamond hidden in the Earth’s interior, according to a new study from MIT and other universities.

  2. RIT Researcher Develops New Solar Sailing Technology For NASA

    Spacecraft outfitted with sails and propelled by the sun are no longer the stuff of science fiction or theoretical space missions. Now, a Rochester Institute of Technology researcher is taking solar sailing to the next level with advanced photonic materials.

  3. New Study Could Hold Key To Hack-Proof Systems

    Major data breaches have made worldwide headlines of late but an international consortium of scientists—including a professor from Heriot-Watt—have developed a new technique that could result in hack-proof systems.

  4. A Step Closer To Quantum Computers: NUS Researchers Show How To Directly Observe Quantum Spin Effects

    With companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM all racing to create the world’s first practical quantum computer, scientists worldwide are exploring the potential materials that could be used to build them.

  5. Faster Photons Could Enable Total Data Security

    Researchers at the University of Sheffield have solved a key puzzle in quantum physics that could help to make data transfer totally secure.

  6. Tuning In To Quantum: Scientists Unlock Signal Frequency Control Of Precision Atom Qubits

    Australian scientists have achieved a new milestone in their approach to creating a quantum computer chip in silicon, demonstrating the ability to tune the control frequency of a qubit by engineering its atomic configuration.

  7. Global Blockchain Technologies: AmmbrTech’s Blackbird Wallet To Support Laser Photon Tokens

    GLOBAL BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP. (CSE:BLOC) (FSE:BWSP) (OTC Pink:BLKCF) ("BLOC" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has received confirmation from Luxembourg-based AmmbrTech that it will provide support for the Laser Network’s Photon token on Blackbird, its cryptocurrency hard wallet. 

  8. SCHOTT And Primoceler Join Forces To Advance The Next Generation Of Ultra-Miniature, Ultra-Reliable Medical Implants

    The technology group SCHOTT has entered into an agreement to acquire Primoceler Oy to expand its hermetic packaging portfolio with pioneering glass micro bonding technology. This process enables the manufacture of vacuum-tight, ultra-miniature electronic and optical devices with superior reliability. Based on laser technology, this state-of-the-art bonding method can be completed without any heat or added materials, allowing device packaging for sensitive electronics made with only transparent materials, such as glass. Offering excellent biocompatibility with new glass types, the technology creates new possibilities for wafer level chip scale packaging (WL-CSP) in a wide range of applications, including medical implants, MEMS devices, and other reliability-critical electronic and optical devices.

  9. Quantum Dot White LEDs Achieve Record Efficiency

    Researchers have demonstrated nanomaterial-based white-light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that exhibit a record luminous efficiency of 105 lumens per watt.

  10. Research Finds New Molecular Structures In Boron-Based Nanoclusters

    Brown University researchers and collaborators from Tsinghua University in China have shown that nanoclusters made from boron and lanthanide elements form highly stable and symmetric structures with interesting magnetic properties.