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  1. First Use Of Microscopic Sound Waves To Study Cell Abnormalities

    A University of Nottingham academic has won a prestigious five-year fellowship to explore the use of harmless sound waves to view deep inside living cells to aid early diagnose in diseases such as cancer. 

  2. Better Flexibility And Economics With Tellabs Optical LAN Multimode Fiber Option

    Tellabs, the leading provider of Passive Optical LAN (POL) solutions, is introducing new Tellabs FlexSym singlemode fiber to multimode fiber 2x8 and 2x32 splitters.

  3. Just Seven Photons Can Act Like Billions

    A system made of just a handful of particles acts just like larger systems, allowing scientists to study quantum behaviour more easily.

  4. Golden Sandwich Could Make The World More Sustainable

    Scientists have developed a photoelectrode that can harvest 85 percent of visible light in a 30 nanometers-thin semiconductor layer between gold layers, converting light energy 11 times more efficiently than previous methods.

  5. Discovered: Optimal Magnetic Fields For Suppressing Instabilities In Tokamaks

    Fusion, the power that drives the sun and stars, produces massive amounts of energy. Scientists here on Earth seek to replicate this process, which merges light elements in the form of hot, charged plasma composed of free electrons and atomic nuclei, to create a virtually inexhaustible supply of power to generate electricity in what may be called a “star in a jar.”

  6. Understanding Deep-Sea Images With Artificial Intelligence

    More and more data and images are generated during ocean research. In order to be able to evaluate the image data scientifically, automated procedures are necessary. Together with GEOMAR data management, researchers at GEOMAR have now developed a standardized workflow for sustainable marine image analysis for the first time and recently published it in the international journal Scientific Data.

  7. Molecular Switches Are Not Just ‘On’ Or ‘Off’

    It is not always easy to see if a switch is on or off! A new study shows that the same can be true of a molecular switch. This knowledge gives a new insight into the molecular switches, the GTPases, many of which have medical potential.

  8. Graphene Enables Clock Rates In The Terahertz Range: Researchers Pave The Way For Nanoelectronics Of The Future

    Graphene – an ultrathin material consisting of a single layer of interlinked carbon atoms – is considered a promising candidate for the nanoelectronics of the future. In theory, it should allow clock rates up to a thousand times faster than today’s silicon-based electronics.

  9. G&H Acquires Gould Fiber Optics To Provide Enhanced Access To US Aerospace And Defence Customers

    Gooch & Housego announces that it has acquired US fiber optic components and sub systems specialist Gould Fiber Optics. This acquisition strengthens G&H’s position as the world leader in fused fiber optic technology and provides enhanced access to strategic US Aerospace and Defence customers.

  10. MACOM's New 25G Lasers For High-Volume Deployment In 5G LTE Wireless Fronthaul Applications

    MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”), a leading supplier of high-performance RF, microwave, millimeterwave and photonic solutions, today announced a new portfolio of 25G distributed feedback (DFB) lasers designed for use in next-generation 5G LTE wireless fronthaul infrastructure. Building on MACOM’s legacy of industry leadership in 4G LTE connectivity solutions, the new laser portfolio is expected to help wireless operators deploy 25G optical links at commercial scale and cost structures on the path to 5G.