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  1. Catalog: Range and Phenomenology

    Start Seeing the World In Infrared

  2. Catalog: FLIR Infrared Research Cameras

    The InSb Laboratory Camera is a high-performance mid-wave infrared (MWIR) camera system based on an Indigo ROIC based focal plane array (FPA). This is either a 320 x 256 or 640 x 512 format Indium Antimonide (InSb) snapshot mode FPA

  3. FLIR Automation Handbook

    Infrared (IR) radiation is not detectable by the human eye, but an IR camera can convert it into a visual image that depicts thermal variations across an object or scene.

  4. Application Note: Applications Of Thermography In Product Safety

    Hewlett-Packard uses IR cameras to evaluate printed circuit assembly components in the product safety lab. Hazard Based Safety Engineering provides a more efficient means of temperature testing and can help identify potential safety hazards. Before they are shipped, products are checked for overheating, fire ignition, potential fuel sources, shock hazards and compliance with EPA standards

  5. Case Study: Infrared Helps Abracadabra Make Unwanted Moisture At University Of Arizona Disappear - Fast

    When a chiller pipe burst in a six hundred-foot long tunnel running through a boiler room that is located beneath a building on the University of Arizona’s campus in Tucson, AZ, three hundred feet of the tunnel was flooded to a depth of five feet. Abracadabra used a ThermaCAM® infrared camera to accurately detect the extent of water intrusion, and ensure that the drying process was complete

  6. Catalog: Start Seeing The World In Infrared

    FLIR is the largest manufacturer of infrared cameras in the world, offering the widest selection, best post-sale technical support, and meaningful, hands-on training to ensure your success