Flir Downloads

  1. Advanced Thermal Analysis: ResearchIR Datasheet

    FLIR’s ResearchIR is a type of software that provides thermal measurement and recording/analysis for infrared/thermal imaging cameras in research and scientific applications. To learn more about the software’s features and how it can provide you with thorough analysis of thermal imaging processes in real-time, download the datasheet.

  2. High Speed Infrared Imaging And The Ballistics Of 'Punkin Chunkin'

    In an effort to improve the performance of their massive 120 foot pneumatic air cannon at the 2012 World Punkin Chunkin Championship (WCPC), American Chunker team captain Brian Labrie invited FLIR Systems’ infrared experts David Bursell and Ron Lucier to join his diverse crew of chunkin’-crazed engineers, scientists, and fabricators. With the addition of a high speed, high resolution MWIR infrared camera, the team was able to use thermal analysis of pumpkin ballistics to improve design and performance as they prepared for the event.

  3. Infrared Camera Kits for Machine Vision and Test Equipment Datasheet

    This datasheet includes a detailed description of the A5sc, A15sc, and the A35sc infrared camera kits, as well as information on their specifications and features. These cameras are well suited for bench-top testing applications in the machine vision and test and measurement space.

  4. Rising Role Of Pan/Tilt Systems In Military Communications

    Today’s battlefield demands flexible, reconfigurable, dynamic, and mobile solutions. At the same time, real-time sensing and communications — between humans and machines — have become a necessity to modern military strategy. By David Gaw, FLIR Motion Control Systems

  5. 7 Things To Know When Selecting An IR Camera For Research & Development

    To ensure you get a quality IR camera that meets all your application requirements, both now and in the future, FLIR has put together a list of 7 Things to know when selecting an IR camera for Research and Development. This will help guide you through the process of identifying project requirements, and selecting a camera with features best suited for your unique application. This discussion will help you narrow down the wide array of IR cameras by guiding you in the creation of a requirements document, which will point you in the right direction for your ultimate camera selection.

  6. High Speed MWIR Camera: FLIR SC6800 Datasheet

    FLIR’s SC6800 High Speed MWIR Scientific Camera combines high speed and high resolution with ease of use and flexibility for just about any scientific or research application.

  7. The Evaluation Of Increase And Distribution Of Temperature During The Dental Drilling Using A Thermal Imaging Camera

    This paper discusses the use of infrared technology to study the optimal method for post space preparation of teeth including how long to drill, the type and size of dental drill used, and the type of cooling used. By Joanna Lubieniecka, M. Sc. Eng., Jerzy Lukasiewicz, M. Sc. Eng., Joanna Bozyk, MDS, and Janusz Kleinrok, DMD

  8. Pre-, Intra-, And Postoperative Use Of Dynamic Infrared Thermography (DIRT) Provides Valuable Information On Skin Perfusion In Perforator Flaps Used In Reconstructive Surgery

    A study of dynamic infrared thermography (DIRT) in all three phases of perforator flap surgery. By James B. Mercer, Louis de Weerd, Åshild Odden Miland, and Sven Weum

  9. Coat Of Many Colors: Cases In Equine Thermal Imaging

    Infrared cameras have improved, procedures have been standardized, and veterinarians have become familiar with interpretation of the images. By Joanna L. Robson, DVM

  10. Visualization Of Air Flows With An Infrared Camera: Presentation Of A Simple Technique And Examples Of Data Analysis
    This paper first describes a simple and easy-to-implement indirect technique allowing for visualizing air flows. By Dr.Raphaël Danjoux, Prof. Rafael Royo Pastor, and Prof. Sébastien Thunevin