Flir Downloads

  1. Pre-, Intra-, And Postoperative Use Of Dynamic Infrared Thermography (DIRT) Provides Valuable Information On Skin Perfusion In Perforator Flaps Used In Reconstructive Surgery

    A study of dynamic infrared thermography (DIRT) in all three phases of perforator flap surgery. By James B. Mercer, Louis de Weerd, Åshild Odden Miland, and Sven Weum

  2. Coat Of Many Colors: Cases In Equine Thermal Imaging

    Infrared cameras have improved, procedures have been standardized, and veterinarians have become familiar with interpretation of the images. By Joanna L. Robson, DVM

  3. Visualization Of Air Flows With An Infrared Camera: Presentation Of A Simple Technique And Examples Of Data Analysis

    This paper first describes a simple and easy-to-implement indirect technique allowing for visualizing air flows. By Dr.Raphaël Danjoux, Prof. Rafael Royo Pastor, and Prof. Sébastien Thunevin

  4. How To Calculate Vapor Velocities Using A GasFindIR Camera

    The formula for velocity is distance divided by time (V=D/T). Using digital video editing software, frames from recorded GasFindIR videos provide for a stop motion capture of the vapors at millisecond (ms) intervals. By Erik Mischker

  5. Using Thermal Mapping At The Data Center

    Cooling the servers in data centers efficiently is critical to increasing IT reliability, maintaining high performance, and reducing electrical usage. This article discusses the reasoning behind using infrared thermography (IRT) to commission and monitor data centers’ cooling systems.

  6. Thermal Imaging Of Power MOSFETs Under Thermal Runaway Conditions

    Using a thermal camera and an oscilloscope to look at the voltage and current internal to the MOSFET, we can gain an understanding of how a hot spot develops on the surface of the MOSFET. By Jack Shue and Henning Leidecker

  7. Effects Of Heat On Firearm Barrels

    The purpose of this study is to examine the advantage of using a thermal imaging system to capture the effects of heat on gun barrels. The thermal imaging camera will provide such data as the temperatures reached and the distribution of heat along the barrel. By Matthew Iannone, FLIR Systems, Inc.

  8. NDT In Composite Materials With Flash, Transient, And Lockin Thermography

    Composites are now used in everything from aircraft to prosthetics. By Markus Tarin and Ralph Rotolante

  9. Infrared Thermography: Its Use And Application For Detecting Infectious Diseases In Wildlife And Domestic Animals
    Remarkable advances and recent research indicate that infrared thermography (IRT) can be used to remote detect infectious diseases in wildlife and domestic animals. By Shylo R. Johnson and Mike R. Dunbar, USDA/APHIS/WS/National Wildlife Research Center, Fort Collins, CO
  10. Advanced Thermal Solutions For Research And Science

    FLIR offers entry level, advanced, and performance level infrared cameras for research and development, Infrared Microscopy, Medical Thermography, Automation and Process Control, Short Wave Infrared (SWIR), High Speed/Stop Motion, Infrared Signatures, Tracking, Directed Energy, Laser Designation, Infrared Non-Destructive Testing (IR NDT), and Technical Surveillance and Countermeasure applications.