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We are component and system-level experts who understand the critical inter-dependencies between microfluidics, fluidics, optics, and integrated sub-assemblies. We specialize in the complete optofluidic pathway to help you avoid project risks and are uniquely positioned to solve even the most demanding challenges in a wide array of applications.


  • Edge Blackening is the application of a matte black paint to the edges of an optical filter to prevent stray light inside the filter from re-entering the light path outside the filter.

  • Transform your optical systems with Semrock filters - the brightest, most durable, and spectrally sophisticated filters in the market.

  • SearchLight™ is a free, intuitive, online plotting tool helps you overcome the obstacles many fluorescence instrument designers and users face with spectral management.

  • The Melles Griot XPLAN Lens Series fluorescence microscope imaging systems enable the rapid development of breadboard instruments for next-gen sequencing, proteomics, and spatial biology applications.

  • These illumination modules provide extremely compact and reliable sources of laser and LED light with minimal heat generation and maximum resistance to mechanical shock and vibration.

  • The 26 bandpass optical filters in the Nanopede series cover the near UV and visible spectrum in 20 nm Full-Width, Half-Max (FWHM) steps. Moving into the NIR, the FWHM increases to 30 nm.


  • Discover how a cost-competitive custom microscope objective solution ideally suited to your specific application can offer superior imaging performance and repeatability in volume production.

  • Components must interact seamlessly with others for an instrument to operate at its full potential. We develop optimal designs with your whole system in mind from the start.

  • Explore the widest selection of raman-spectroscopy edge filters available, with edge wavelengths from 224 to 1550 nm. Now, you can see the weakest signals closer to the laser line than ever before.

  • Explore a catalog of products such as bandpass optical filters, long pass and short pass edge filters, notch filters, dichroic beamsplitters, and more.


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Discover how flatness impacts optical wavefronts in super-resolution microscopy, and learn to calculate its practical implications for your system's performance and imaging quality.