Compact and Efficient LED and Diode Laser Modules

IDEX - illumination solutions

These illumination modules provide extremely compact and reliable sources of laser and LED light with minimal heat generation and maximum resistance to mechanical shock and vibration.

Our standard Diode Laser Systems provide excellent output power and pointing stability from an ultra-compact laser head. This is achieved through state-of-the art thermal management, which improves performance and reliability in harsh environments. Best in class beam pointing stability and modulation.

Custom Diode Laser and LED Systems for OEM applications can be configured for direct analog and/or digital modulation, eliminating the cost, complexity, and alignment challenges associated with external modulators.

We also specialize in custom-tailored beam profiles that deliver the precise spot you need at the point of work, dramatically reducing system complexity and cost — and significantly improving system performance.


  • Wide range of wavelengths and power
  • Combination of diode laser and LED
  • Built in custom beam shaper with flat-top profile
  • Speckle reduction
  • Low optical noise characteristics
  • Excellent power stability over operation temperature
  • Internal controller
  • Closed loop power stability
  • USB interface
  • Adjustable power
  • Analog and digital modulation

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