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02.07.24 -- Metrology In Photonics: Standardization, Calibration, And Quality Control


Metrology In Photonics: Standardization, Calibration, And Quality Control

Some consider metrology to be the oldest science, with its origins dating back to the earliest civilizations. It has evolved over the years, from cubits to sundials to atomic clocks. Let’s take a look at this science, specifically optical measurement techniques.


Extreme Metrology: Big Science Requires A Nano-Perspective

Extreme metrology applications involve more than enough unknown variables. Instrumentation whose performance has been proven should not be one of them.

Polarization Metrology Of Anisotropic Materials

Polarization metrology involves diverse techniques like ellipsometry, circular dichroism, and transmission polarimetry. Mueller matrix polarimetry, in both transmission and reflection, unifies these techniques for various applications with a single system.

The Role Of Vertical Integration In Motion Control System Manufacturing

Examine why vertical integration is essential for reliability, innovation, and sustainability in the fast-evolving landscape of motion control systems.

Frictionless Precision Motion Control Based On Air Bearing Stages

The performance of precision metrology equipment depends on highly accurate, repeatable, and controllable motion systems and position sensors. Air bearings have played a critical role in the development and construction of CMMs and other metrology tools. 


Accelerating Time-to-Market Through Quality And Availability

Craig Hodgson from IDEX Health & Science explains how they have tailored their offerings to meet customer needs, from standardized products to customized solutions, with a focus on time-to-market.

Building Lenses For High-Shock Environments

Jim Sullivan from Schneider Optics presents their ruggedized lenses and demonstrates their ability to withstand shock and vibration.


Mechanical Dimensions Of Optical Filters

Understanding the mechanical dimensions of optical filters, particularly parameters like clear aperture and parallelism, is paramount for ensuring proper functionality.

Wide Field Illumination For Fluorescence Instrumentation

Discover how a compact and versatile wide-field illumination module can offer designers a solution to covering more imaging area, improving throughput, and reducing analyzing time.

Common Mistakes In Measuring Medical Optics And How To Avoid Them

Unlike other industries, governmental compliance, schedules, and budgets leave little room for changes or improvements after product introduction for optical medical devices.


Launching An AI And Photonics Initiative At Duke

Infleqtion Accelerates Commercialization Of Quantum Products With Acquisitions

Research Team Demonstrates Robust Light Propagation In Open Systems

Laser Photonics Systems Streamlines Automotive Factory Technical Cleaning Process

Photonics-Based Wireless Link Breaks Speed Records For Data Transmission

Spotlight: A New Wavelength Of Scientific Exploration With Single-Photon Detectors

How To Make Bright Quantum Dots Even Brighter

Revolutionary Breakthrough In Solar Energy: Efficient QD Solar Cells Developed

CMC Electronics Introduces Advanced COTS Fiber Pigtailed InGaAs APD Receiver

Yokogawa Releases Extractive Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer TDLS8220

MKS Announces Ophir BeamSquared SP204S M2 Beam Propagation Analyzer


Frameless Brushless DC Motor

Canon's DC motors are custom manufactured to achieve the exact speed, power, and current required of the OEM application, and are RoHS-compliant.

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