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12.06.23 -- LiDAR Filters: The Unsung Hero In Reaching Level 3 Autonomy


LiDAR Filters: The Unsung Hero In Reaching Level 3 Autonomy

Mercedes-Benz plans a limited launch of its Drive Pilot system in 2024, the first to market with a Level 3 autonomous driving system. LiDAR is playing an instrumental role in the progression to Level 3 autonomy, aided by the unsung hero: LiDAR filters.


Filter Specs Vs. Functional Specs – The Pitfall Of Double Margining

Wavelength “padding” can result in over- or under-margining of transmission/blocking wavelengths. This leads to a more expensive solution with compromised performance.

Optical Bandpass Filter Fundamentals

Bandpass filters offer precise control over transmitted light bands and rejection of unwanted radiation, with types and features playing crucial roles in their application and performance optimization.

Color Temperature Adjustment Filters For Technical Or Aesthetic Illumination

Color temperature adjustment filters modify light spectra for diverse applications like architecture, cinema, medical fields, and security, allowing precise control over color appearance.

Why Flexibility Is Important In Optics Material Selection

Find out why a flexible approach to material selection in the manufacturing process is important to help protect optics manufacturing lead times against material shortages.


Mx 9.2 Highlights: Get The Most Out Of Your Metrology Software

Join Zygo metrology software experts to discuss how you can make the most out of your measurements, plus also get a first look at Version 9.2 of Zygo Mx Software.


Improving The Sensitivity Of Multicolor Microscopy Techniques

Single molecule fluorescence (or Förstner) resonance energy transfer (smFRET) is used to measure distances at the 1-10 nanometer scale in single molecules, typically biomolecules.

How NDAR Coating Solves Transmittance And Reflectivity Challenges

HOYA provides a filtration solution for the issues standard coated and colored glass neutral density (ND) filters face, such as uneven transmittance and reflected light.

Laser Power Monitoring Reduces Loss For This EV Battery Manufacturer

Discover how a two-part solution helped enhance and ensure precision and minimize defects for a battery manufacturer facing a critical challenge in their laser welding process.

Enabling Interferometric Imaging At SWIR Wavelengths

The Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer will analyze fringe patterns obtained from multiple pairs of combined beams to reconstruct an image of the target under observation.


Gentec-EO Receives The Steen Award

CMCU Digital Radiography Introduces White Paper On Intelligent Noise Reduction

Photonic Chip That 'Fits Together Like Lego' Opens Door To Local Industry

NIST Perfects Technique To Generate Precise Wavelengths Of Visible Laser Light

Baraja Announces Availability Of Integrated Components For LiDAR

Altechna Acquires ARO, Expanding Quality Laser Optical Solutions Offering

Researchers Extend Non-Line-Of-Sight Imaging Towards Longer Wavelengths

Harvesting More Solar Energy With Supercrystals

Long-Live Quantum Entanglement Goes To Distance

With A Quantum Squeeze Clocks Could Keep Even More Precise Time


Fast Focus Stage For SR Microscopy

This voice coil motor-powered nano-focusing Z-stage enables faster and more precise objective focusing, advancing high-resolution microscopy, genome sequencing, and deep tissue analysis.


Catalog: Optical Filters For Challenging Applications

Filters play an important part in an imaging system, blocking unintentional wavelength and troublesome surrounding light and selecting wavelength ranges to transmit at a high percentage.


Patterned Thin Film Optical Filters

DSI’s photolithography capability produces patterned thin film coatings (including bandpass filters, absorption coatings, and metals) on substrates up to 6 inches.

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