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03.27.24 -- Astrophotonics And Alien Life | Fast Steering Mirrors | When The Goal Is Large Scale Optics


Is Astrophotonics The Key To Discovering Alien Life?

Astrophotonics has the potential to revolutionize exoplanet research and, quite possibly, help discover alien life.


Demonstrating Single Picometer Steps For Applications In Astronomy

Read how Mad City Labs demonstrated the capability to repeatably achieve a one-picometer movement with a piezo nanopositioner, and accurately resolve that movement.

Fast Steering Mirrors For Deep Space And Free Space Optical Comms

Learn about fast steering mirror tech, which uses piezoelectric or electromagnetic actuation for efficient, quick designs used in space-based as well as terrestrial testing.

Designing Optical Filters For Earth Observation And Satcom

Space is the new technological frontier with constellations of satellites designed for earth observation and satellite communications gathering data at unprecedented rates. These next-generation satellites need next-generation technology. 


When The Goal Is Large Scale Optics

When companies need to scale up the size of their windows and mirrors while maintaining the most exacting of optical specifications, the competence of a chosen partner is essential.

Inside The Device Fabrication Process

Every step in device fabrication is crucial. Explore the intricate process behind crafting remarkable devices and uncover the secrets of imaging excellence.


Coherent Announces High-Power Uncooled G10 Pump Laser Modules

Nearly $5 Million In NSERC Alliance Grants Support 3 MCmaster Engineering Projects

How To Upcycle Low-Energy Light

Laser Photonics Enters Distribution Agreement With Incredible Supply & Logistics

Hyper Photonix To Participate In The Ethernet Alliance Multivendor Interoperability Demonstration

Novel Material For Perovskite Solar Cells Can Improve Their Stability And Efficiency

OpenLight, Jabil To Address Accelerating Demand For Optical Components

A 2D ‘Antenna’ Boosts Light Emission From Carbon Nanotubes

NASA, Industry Improve Lidars For Exploration, Science

Research Team Achieves Record Cooling Of Quartz Glass By 67 Kelvin

Pension Funds Invest In Photonic Chip Maker EFFECT Photonics


Compact High Power Coreless BLDC Motor Demonstration

Explore this demonstration of BN22A brushless servomotors, which are compact in size and provide high output power, achieving accurate control from low- to high-speed ranges.


Industrial Optical Lenses: TOURMALINE Series

These high-resolution, high-speed lenses are optimized for the use of up to 12 megapixel 1.3" sensors with micro-lenses on the sensor surface. The lenses are also broadband coated and can be used in the visible range 400 to 700 nm or the near-infrared range 700 to 1,000 nm.

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Schneider Optics

Flight-Ready Cameras For Space

Raptor has some unique Space Heritage, with cameras flying as optical payloads on several live LEO Cubesat missions for Earth Observation as well as ground based stations.

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Raptor Photonics Limited

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