Vision Research Articles

  1. Shadowscopy Technique Part 1

    This video demonstrates the shadowscopy technique which collimates light in the region of interest with camera focused on the object.

  2. Tutorial Series For PCC 2.2

    Vision Research provides the opportunity to learn more about Phantom cameras through this free Tutorial Series for PCC 2.2 software. Topics cover a broad spectrum of PCC 2.2 capabilities and instructions ranging from recording a Cine, to continuous recording, to performing in-depth measurements.

  3. Vision Research Video Gallery

    This video gallery presents a wide variety of video demonstrations using the high-speed digital cameras from Vision Research for many different markets including ballistics, scientific, industrial, and automotive.

  4. Boosting Sensitivity

    When purchasing a camera, especially for “light starved” applications, the correct light sensitivity is an important specification to consider. Light sensitivity is more open to user or vendor manipulation, unlike more unambiguous specifications such as the maximum resolution or frame rates at key resolutions.

  5. MythBusters Puts The v2010 To The Test

    The Discovery Channel’s MythBusters series featured incredible footage of a bullet being fired from a pistol with a Phantom v2010 camera at 73,000 fps.

  6. Vision Research High-Speed Digital Cameras Instrumental In Teaching Construction Site Safety

    There is a good reason construction workers are asked to wear hard hats, gloves, safety goggles, and various other safety equipment while on the job; construction sites are dangerous. Filled with heavy and sharp objects, platforms of varying heights, flying sparks and debris, and a number of other potentially dangerous elements, it’s no wonder so many injuries occur on construction sites.

  7. High Speed Digital Cameras Capture Flight of the Hawk Moth

    Hawk Moths can fly at speeds of up to 30 mph and can flap their wings at 20 mph, even when hovering. Their size and speed results in them often being mistaken for a hummingbird. When the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Department of Biology set out to study the wing flapping patterns of the Hawk Moth, a wide selection of high speed digital cameras were tested to determine which would work best. Three Vision Research Phantom digital high speed cameras were selected for this project.

  8. Testing 17th Century Grenades With Digital High Speed Cameras
    Vision Research’s Phantom v710 and v1610 High Speed Cameras were recently used by archaeologists from the Corpus Christi Museum of Science to study the ballistics of early forms of hand grenades recovered from a shipwreck that occurred in 1686.
  9. Phantom CineStation 10 Gb Ethernet Installation Recommendations
    The 10 Gb option allows for increased playback and save speeds in the CineMag high speed imaging memory solution for use in conjunction with Vision Research’s Phantom high speed video cameras.
  10. Vision Research High-Speed Digital Cameras Enable Advanced Research In The Behavior Of Fluids At Microscale Level

    Introduced in the 1980s, microfluidics is an offshoot of the more commonly known lab-on-a-chip technology. It is applied in the fields of chemistry, physics, biotechnology, and engineering in which small volume of fluids are analyzed. By Vision Research, Inc.