Security & Surveillance News

  1. Sierra-Olympic Introduces Long-Range, All-Weather, MWIR Security And Surveillance System

    Sierra-Olympic Technologies has recently introduced the new 550CZ-18, a long-range target detection and surveillance system designed for all-weather security applications. It is an advanced midwave infrared (MWIR) imaging system featuring long-range target detection with recognition capabilities.

  2. Stirling Cooled MWIR Imaging Core Enables Long Range Monitoring In Security Applications

    Xenics has recently introduced the fourth member of its high-resolution 'XenicsCores' Infrared OEM product family. The new Stirling-cooled XCO-640 MWIR module provides unprecedented thermal imaging stability and optical performance for perimeter surveillance, law enforcement and homeland security. At Eurosatory Xenics will exhibit in booth # FE288 in Hall 06 at the Belgium pavilion hosted by BSDI (Belgium Security & Defence Industry).

  3. Breakthrough Technology To Improve Cyber Security

    An international team of researchers has made a breakthrough in generating single photons – the single quanta of light particles – as carriers of quantum information in security systems.

  4. Portable Thermal Imagers For Investigation And Remote Surveillance

    The Nyxus Bird is a multifunctional surveillance tool which can fulfill requirements such as flexibility and versatility in infrared imagers. This night vision-thermal imager with an uncooled high-resolution (640 x 480) IR-pixel detector offers superb image quality.

  5. Sierra-Olympic’s New Ruggedized Pan-Tilt Video Surveillance System

    Sierra-Olympic Technologies recently introduced the Aeron Searcher as a new addition to their product portfolio. The Aeron Searcher is a pan-tilt, visible and thermal video surveillance system with continuous EO and IR zoom features.

  6. Sierra-Olympic Introduces New Visible/Thermal Video Surveillance Systems

    Sierra-Olympic introduces Oculus series, an environmentally-rugged outdoor video surveillance system capable of simultaneous visible and thermal imaging outputs. These systems are compact, durable, efficient, and can also provide full daytime/nighttime surveillance capabilities.

  7. LightPath Technologies Exhibiting at SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing 2015

    LightPath Technologies is planning to present two new products this year at the SPIE DSS. Visit booth #417 to be among the first to see LightPath’s new Thermal Imaging assemblies for low cost sensors, and its Molded Glass Specialty Products including Acylindrical Lenses. Jeremy Huddleston will be presenting a paper entitled “Investigation of As40Se60 chalcogenide glass in precision glass molding for high-volume thermal imaging lenses” on April 22, at 8:40am.


  8. Xenics Announces Stirling-Cooled MWIR OEM Module for Long-Range Monitoring in Surveillance and Security at SPIE DSS 2015

    Xenics is introducing the new Stirling-cooled XCO-640 MWIR module as the third member of its high-resolution “Xenics Core” Infrared OEM product family at the SPIE DSS 2015. This new module delivers extraordinary stability and optical performance for applications like perimeter surveillance, law enforcement, and homeland security. Xenics will hold its exhibits in Booth 825.

  9. Uncooled Long Wave IR Capabilities Featured at Defense, Security and Sensing Exhibition

    Uncooled IR, UV, Visible and Multispectral Imaging are featured in Teledyne booth #819 at SPIE’s Defense, Security and Sensing Exhibition.

  10. Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft Ready For Demonstration Flights

    The Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) program is ready for customer demonstration flights, having completed the baseline ground and flight testing of the aircraft mission systems.