Schneider Optics Featured Downloads

  1. Shortpass Filters Datasheet

    This datasheet includes a detailed description of Schneider’s line of shortpass filters. To learn more about their features, specifications, and how they can help with applications that involve traffic, process control, machine vision, line inspection, and food/beverage inspection, download the datasheet.

  2. Longpass Filters Datasheet

    Schneider Optics’ longpass filters are ideal for fluorescence and wavelength sorting applications. For a detailed description of the filters, as well as information on their features and specifications, download the datasheet.

  3. Industrial Filters Brochure

    This brochure includes detailed descriptions and specifications for Schneider Optics’ line of industrial filters. This includes their UV and IR cut filters, infrared filters, red and yellow filters, green and blue filters, neutral density filters, polarization filters, anti-reflection coatings, and filter mounts

  4. Xenon Ruby Lenses Datasheet

    Xenon ruby lenses by Schneider Optics feature a compact design and low weight, a lockable focus and iris setting, high resolution optics, robust mechanics for rough industrial environments, and more. To find out how these lenses can help with your applications involving traffic, security/surveillance, machine vision, quality control, surface inspection, 2D/3D imaging, and other imaging applications, download the datasheet.

  5. UV Cut, UV/IR Cut, and IR filters

    This datasheet contains information on Schneider Optics’ Cut, UV/IR Cut, and IR Filters, including information on key features, specifications, and more. This filters are ideal for QA, landscaping, solar, NIR imaging, Night Vision, scientific research, protective windows, and traffic (IR pass) applications.

  6. Color Filters

    This datasheet contains information on features, technical specifications, and more for Schneider Optics’ Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and NIR Color Filters. These color filters are ideal for traffic, night vision, process control, machine vision, line inspection, food and beverage inspection, and NIR imaging (IR pass) applications.

  7. High-Quality Lenses for Industrial Applications Datasheet

    Schneider Optics’ standard megapixel lenses can withstand common vibrations encountered in industrial environments. In some instances though, lenses are exposed to high vibration or high-G shocks. For those circumstances, or for mission ciritical applications when lenses must not fail, rugged and compact C-mount lenses are available.

  8. Compact C-Mount Lenses Brochure

    Schneider Optics designs and manufactures C-Mount lenses for integration into megapixel cameras that are used in industrial inspection, robotics, machine vision, postal sorting, document scanning, and medical applications. These high resolution megapixel lenses are designed for 400-700nm operation and feature robust mechanical construction.